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Get Ready for the 2017 Fishing Season
We at CDFW think it is a great time to purchase your 2017 sport fishing license. Purchasing your license now will allow you to take advantage of a full year of the unmatched fishing opportunities the Golden State has to offer. With more than 30,000 miles of rivers and streams, 4,172 lakes and reservoirs and 80 major rivers, freshwater fishing opportunities abound in California. The state also features more than 1,100 miles of coastline that is home to hundreds of native fish and shellfish species.

A sport fishing license is also a great gift as you can purchase a voucher to give to a friend or family member.

California fishing licenses are valid for the calendar year, so if you haven’t already purchased your 2017 license, do it now and take advantage of year-round access to great fishing found up and down the state starting on January 1, 2017. Californians are fortunate to have some of the most diverse fishing opportunities found anywhere in the world. Here are some examples of what’s out there waiting for you to explore:
•Trout fishing in the Sierra and Cascade mountain ranges. CDFW raises and plants millions of trout each year for the enjoyment of anglers. You’ll find some of the finest scenery anywhere while you pursue trout in the streams and lakes of California’s mountains. To view trout planting schedules, please visit the fish planting website.
•Chinook salmon fishing in the ocean and rivers for hard-fighting and excellent-eating Chinook salmon.
•Bass fishing for largemouth bass in Clear Lake, the California Delta, and the trophy black bass lakes of Southern California. The next world record bass could very easily come from California.
•Steelhead fishing in coastal streams in northern California. These fish are challenging to catch and are found in beautiful coastal settings. Once hooked, they often put on a show, leaping wildly while peeling line from the angler’s reel.
•Lingcod, rock fish and halibut from a charter boat – three of the best tasting fish you’ll find anywhere.
•Spiny lobster – hoop net this delicacy in the ocean waters of Southern California.
•Dungeness crab – highly sought after, delicious and fun to catch.
•Striped bass and sturgeon in the California Delta – catch and release a giant white sturgeon that is bigger than some anglers, or take a striped bass home for dinner.
•Fishing in the City – CDFW has a program that plants trout in urban ponds and lakes, so if you live in the city, chances are you can catch rainbow trout close to home. For more information on this program, please visit the Fishing in the City webpage.

You can purchase a California sport fishing license from any license agent or purchase your license online 24 hours a day.