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Glo Big or Go Home
Fin-Wing Evil Eye Glow
Fin-Wing Confetti Glow
Fin-Wing Green Ghost Glow
Twilight salmon and laketrout trollers reap the rewards of glow-in-the-dark Fin-Wings as well.
Last winter, the Fin-Wing turned heads - and fish - on hallowed walleye fishery Lake Winnipeg. Fin-Wing's new glow patterns are expected to perform similarly in low-light conditions this season.

Glow Big or Go Home

Fin-Wing's unique swim and three new glow models are poised for ice fishing action

Traverse City, MI – The transformation will be inevitable in the Ice Belt the surface of most every lake's surface will soon solidify. Once safe enough to walk upon, anglers will be donning ice cleats and, with a five-gallon bucket full of rods and tackle in one hand and auger in the other, be drilling mine-fields of holes.

But even with all those holes bored into the hoarfrost, as winter deepens, the sun rays will slowly stop penetrating through to the depths below. And as the ice and snow thickens even more, the light penetration will dim to nil and void, no matter how deep or shallow the waterway.

And low-light conditions affect fish behavior.

Fish have two senses they use most: They are able to pick up vibrations caused by water displacement from baitfish swimming about, which is sensed through their lateral line this is supported by owning keen eyesight. And luckily there's a lure that'll answers both senses—which has been around nearly seven decades—now dressed with new glow-in-the-dark patterns.

And that lure is Keweenaw Tackle Company's Fin-Wing.

When fished vertically, the Fin-Wing's baitfish shape and realistic swim alone is hard for any species that roams under the ice to pass up. It's all because of this metal lure's "wings" and perfectly-place hole in its body that allows it to have its unique swimming action. To boot, the stroke is even more pronounced when the attached super-sharp treble hook is replaced with the packaged wide-gap single J-hook, and nipped with a lively minnow through its lips.

And the Fin-Wing does all the work for you. Just lift the rod tip and the lure darts towards the surface let it free-fall on a slack line and it turns nose down and literally swims like the real deal until your line is taught. It's a motion no other lure has when vertically jigged, making it even more deadly in lakes where fishing pressure is high. Even heavy-duty fluorocarbon leaders of 20-pound test won't impede the lure's action.

Now add to that unique swim the three new glow colors for 2016 – Confetti Glow, Evil Eye Glow and Green Ghost Glow. All are painted with super-tough, long-lasting-luminescent paint. Couple the glow paint with the lure's matchless swim, and the Fin-Wing emanates a strobe affect that fish will notice from afar, day or night. And glow-in-the-dark lures work just as well during daylight hours when the ice and snow is thick, as well as in stained water.

The Fin-Wing was developed in 1948, and, today, is still stamped in the good ol' US of A using high-grade metal. Available in 1/4-, 3/4- and 1-ounce sizes to match the scale of nearly any forage with fins, this lure's painstakingly finished in 19 hues, from classic colors, to unique one-of-a-kinds as well the three new glow-in-the-dark patterns. And all are tinted with UV paint to accentuate the palette of patterns.

If there's any lure colors that are must-have for ice anglers, it's those that glow. And if there's any one lure with an action that's different from all others, it's the Fin-Wing. Combine the two, and the results are in the angler's favor.



A symbol of American ingenuity and hard work, the Fin-Wing® design has been catching fish of all stripes since 1948. Today, the lure is the pride of Keweenaw Tackle Company built in the Copper Country to the same rigid standards as the handmade original, using only the highest-quality materials and superior long-lasting finishes. Find out more and see the lure in action at

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Traditions Media, LLC

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Traditions Media, LLC