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Cachuma Institutes Mandatory 14 day Quarantine AND Boat Inspections
Santa Barbara County Parks
Immediate Notice as of December 27, 2013: Temporary Mandatory Boat Launch Quarantine Requirement at Cachuma Lake

This notice affects visitors planning to bring trailered watercraft and kayaks/canoes to Cachuma Lake. This temporary measure was taken due to the quagga or zebra mussel infestation discovered recently at a nearby lake in Ventura county. Beginning Friday, December 27, 2013, all vessels seeking to launch at Cachuma Lake will be subject to a TEMPORARY MANDATORY 2-WEEK QUARANTINE. There will be two exceptions: 1) Boats with existing, intact boat launch security tags from Cachuma Lake will be allowed to launch without a 2-week quarantine, and 2) Canoes and kayaks will be allowed to launch after passing the inspection program AND after receiving an additional power wash as boats do. For the full text of the Cachuma Lake Boat Launch Protocols, please go to the following link: Boat Launch Protocol 2013 December: