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Summary of 2014 Recreational Groundfish Fishing Regulations

CA Dept. of Fish and Game
Summary of 2014 Recreational Groundfish Fishing Regulations

Note: Regulations in these tables may change during the year. Before engaging in ocean sportfishing for groundfish and associated species, please call the Recreational Groundfish Fishing Regulations Hotline at (831) 649-2801, send an e-mail to, or call your nearest CDFW office for the latest information. Anglers may also sign up for e-mail notification of regulation changes. Please visit Groundfish Central for more information.

Some marine protected areas restrict or prohibit sport fishing. Please visit the MPA website for more information.

For more information and full text visit the website at:

Northern Management Area
The California-Oregon border to Cape Mendocino (4010' N. latitude)

Mendocino Management Area
Cape Mendocino (4010' N. latitude) to Point Arena (3857.5' N. latitude)

San Francisco Management Area
Point Arena (3857.5' N. latitude) to Pigeon Point (3711' N. latitude)

Central Management Area
Pigeon Point (3711' N. latitude) to Point Conception (3427' N. latitude)
Southern Management Area
Point Conception (3427' N. latitude) to the U.S.-Mexico border
Cowcod Conservation Areas