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Los Padres Seeks Public Comments on Proposed Recreation Fee Changes
USDA Forest Service Los Padres National Forest
In June 2011, the U.S. Forest Service conducted a national review of the 97 SAF areas on National Forest System lands. As a result of the review, the Forest Service plans to eliminate the SAF area designation for 73 recreation areas and reduce the size for the remaining 24 nationally. The proposed changes for the seven Los Padres National Forest SAF areas are consistent with the results of the national review. Consistent with direction on implementation of the national fee area review, the Los Padres National Forest has not been issuing notices of required fees or enforcing recreation fees outside of the sites and reduced areas listed below.

Comments on the proposed changes must be submitted by Jan. 6, 2014, to be considered by a citizenís advisory committee, known as the California Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (R-RAC). Comments may be submitted to the attention of Tamara Wilton, Pacific Southwest Region, 1323 Club Drive, Vallejo, CA, 94592, or

The public is welcome to attend and comment at all R-RAC meetings. The next R-RAC meeting is planned for Jan. 15-16, 2014. More information about the R-RAC and upcoming meeting can be found at

The Adventure Pass and the America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass would be accepted as payment for recreation fees at the following sites and areas:

Santa Ynez SAF Area, White Rock Day Use Area, Aliso Trailhead, Lower Oso Day Use Area, Red Rock Day Use Area, Live Oak Day Use Area, Piedra Blanca Trailhead, Cumbre Day Use Area, First Crossing Day Use Area, Upper Oso Trailhead, Falls Day Use Area, Sandstone Day Use Area, Red Rock Trailhead, Pino Alto Picnic Area, Figueroa Lookout Day Use Area, Rose Valley Campground, Middle Lion Campground, Kings Campground/OHV Staging Area, Goldhill Camping Area, Ballinger Campground/OHV Staging Area, Davy Brown Campground, Nira Campground (including Upper Manzana Trailhead), Figueroa Campground, Pozo/La Panza (Off Highway Vehicle SRP), and Mt. Pinos (Winter Recreation SRP).

These recreation sites and areas are free:
Upper Rose Valley Lake Day Use Area, Lower Rose Valley Day Use Area, Howard Creek Trailhead, Catway Day Use Area, Davy Brown Trailhead, La Jolla/Ballard Trailhead, McKinley Trailhead, Lower Manzana Trailhead, Munch Canyon Trailhead, Pino Alto Interpretive Trail, Sunset Valley Trailhead, White Rock Trailhead, and Willow Springs Trailhead.

Recreation fee revenue is used for operation, maintenance and future enhancements of recreation sites. More information about recreation fees and the Los Padres National Forest Recreation Fee Program can be found in the Forestís Annual Fee Program Accomplishment Reports at

For more information about this recreation fee proposal, please contact Tamara Wilton at (707) 562-8965 or Media inquiries regarding this recreation fee proposal should be directed to John Heil at (707) 562-9004 or Further information about this proposal can also be found on the forestís website at