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Plano, IL (October 6, 2018) - Hardcore ice anglers know the best season to catch the biggest specimens of fish species is in the winter.Fishing vertical allows you to stay on structure known to attract and hold gigantic fish, providing the seasonal edge many anglers crave.

Fish can be sluggish in the cold-weather months, and maximizing fish attracting qualities of your live bait are a surefire way to score consistently. Live bait is a trigger for big fish, appealing to all of their predatory senses-taste, sight, smell, and movement.

Live bait storage in the cold can be tricky, but the Magnum Bait Station is an all-season storage device to keep your bait, fresh and active, with all of the qualities that will generate a feeding response from predators. Appealing to a fish's instinct rather than just a feeding response is often the ticket to success on the ice and having live bait as fresh as the day they were caught increases their ability to attract fish.

The Magnum Bait Station is constructed of heavy-duty injection molding that will protect your bait from freezing and withstand the rigors of handling on the hard ice. One inch of commercial-grade foam insulation keeps your bait at a constant temperature, even for a full day on the hard water. The integrated aerator allows circulation of the water and maintains good oxygen content to keep your bait lively. The lid opens and closes easily, allowing you to cycle through bait quickly without putting them at risk.

The two-speed waterproof aerator comes with a 12-volt plug to run in your ATV, snowmobile, or vehicle on the way to your fishing destination, then at your angling destination.

The Magnum Bait Station is available in a 13- or 19-quart model, ensuring you have the right quantity for a multi-day adventure.

The Magnum Bait Station can be kept in your ice fishing tent or packed along a series of holes to cover a large area. The sturdy carry handle allows you to grab-and-go, or you can use the shoulder straps to pack it any distance comfortably.

There is a ruler integrated into the top of the station to keep track of the size of bait being used, or to check the length of your next catch. An internal bait net ensures minimal handling and better survival of bait. It also makes capture quick and easy, so you are in and out of the Bait Station in a matter of seconds.

The Magnum Bait Station design offers the best value and performance in its class at a price point of $89 and $99. Anglers will enjoy superior design elements and cooling performance over current competitor's models.

Product Features:
Magnum Bait Station 13, Model No. FRBBA213
MSRP $89.99
Magnum Bait Station 19, Model No. FRBBA219
MSRP $99.99
Two sizes: 13 quart and 19 quart
Heavy-duty injection molded base
1 inch of commercial grade foam insulation
Durable composite latches won't rust
Integrated aerator allows for easy opening/closing of the lid
2-speed waterproof aerator with 12v plug
Includes sturdy carry handle and shoulder strap
Integrated ruler on top
Internal bait net
The Magnum Bait Station will keep your bait cool and aerated to ensure it has the maximum fish attraction possible when you need it most. Time spent fishing is valuable-don't settle for anything but the best.

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