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California Lakes/Rivers That Need Updating

To help out as a Skipper on any lake or river in the state, simply go to this general form...

What is a Skipper? Read this...
Lakes Needing Updated Reports:
These lakes need help! If you have any updated information on the lakes below, click on a lake name to share a report...
1. Isabella Lake
2. Corona Lake
3. Santa Ana River Lakes
4. Clear Lake (Lake Cty)
5. Irvine Lake (Santiago Res)
6. Uvas Reservoir
7. Puddingstone Lake
8. Piru Lake
9. Diamond Valley Lake
10. Upper Otay Lake
11. Laguna Niguel Lake
12. Nacimiento Lake
13. Anderson Lake
14. Elsinore Lake
15. Wohlford Lake
16. Dixon Lake
17. Lower Otay Reservoir
18. Perris Lake
19. El Capitan Reservoir
20. Skinner Lake
Lakes Needing Skippers:
If you fish any of these lakes, or live close and can help keep conditions updated for them on a regular basis, consider becoming a Skipper - click on the lake name to go to the form...

1. Copco Lake
2. Clear Lake (Lake Cty)
3. Lake Tahoe
4. Shasta Lake
5. Lake Havasu
6. Trinity Lake
7. Oroville Lake
8. New Melones Lake
9. Isabella Lake
10. Lake Arrowhead
11. Eagle Lake
12. Donner Lake
13. Nacimiento Lake
14. June Lake
15. Bass Lake
16. San Pablo Reservoir
17. Convict Lake
18. Lake San Antonio
19. Folsom Lake
20. Camanche Lake
21. Irvine Lake (Santiago Res)
22. Lake Pillsbury
23. Mountain Meadows Reservoir
24. Lake McClure
25. Camp Far West Reservoir
26. Berryessa Lake
27. Pine Flat Lake
28. Bullards Bar Reservoir
29. Diamond Valley Lake
30. Almond Reservoir
31. Gold Lake
32. Scotts Flat Lake
33. Lake Rollins
34. Lake of the Pines
35. Lake Combie
36. Union Valley Reservoir
37. Ice House Reservoir
38. Loon Lake
39. French Meadows Reservoir
40. Stumpy Meadows Lake
41. Lake Aloha
42. Caples Lake
43. Silver Lake (June Lake)
44. Salt Springs Reservoir
45. Fallen Leaf Lake
46. Anderson Lake
47. Del Valle Lake
48. Don Pedro Lake
49. Eastman Lake
50. Lower Otay Reservoir