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Pinching the Barb
posted 4/26/2012 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.28.12 8:22 AM4668
An Interview with Dave Mauldin, by Lloyd Tackitt
posted 4/27/2012 by David Coulson
BLOG4.27.12 3:23 PM4656
The Moccasin Jig by Atomic Tackle Company - VIDEO REVIEW
posted 4/23/2012 by Tyler Brinks
BLOG4.24.12 10:31 AM5569
The Fight
posted 4/22/2012 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.23.12 4:39 PM4151
Taking a "stand"
posted 4/18/2012 by David Coulson
BLOG4.22.12 5:39 AM4409
You know your a fisherman if...
posted 4/12/2012 by Michael Guiles
BLOG4.20.12 7:44 PM4490
This year's Sierra trout opener will be different than usual.
posted 4/19/2012 by Mike Stevens
BLOG4.19.12 4:08 PM4046
Unsettled weather - good catching
posted 4/13/2012 by David Coulson
BLOG4.14.12 7:37 AM3963
posted 4/14/2012 by Captain Belly
 4.14.12 6:10 AM1570 / 0
What Do You Do When Somenone Crowds You While Fishing?
posted 4/10/2012 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.13.12 7:06 PM4525
I'm glad to be back !
posted 4/12/2012 by Jc Gwynne
BLOG4.13.12 10:33 AM4167
Take Your Time
posted 4/12/2012 by Joshua Christensen
BLOG4.12.12 3:03 AM13876
What's in a picture?
posted 4/10/2012 by David Coulson
BLOG4.11.12 3:25 PM3596
Latest Article - Fishing Realistic Crawfish
posted 4/7/2012 by David Coulson
BLOG4.10.12 1:40 PM6434
posted 4/6/2012 by Jonathan Hill
BLOG4.10.12 10:20 AM3986
Fishng and Getting Older
posted 4/7/2012 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.8.12 6:15 PM3141
Polarized Pursuit
posted 3/29/2012 by Joshua Christensen
BLOG4.6.12 8:32 PM3732
The results are in...
posted 4/6/2012 by Chad LaChance
BLOG4.6.12 3:45 PM4876
Ditch the Weight
posted 4/5/2012 by Alan Peak
BLOG4.6.12 10:45 AM3837
Mental Health and Fishing
posted 4/5/2012 by Lloyd Tackitt
BLOG4.6.12 7:13 AM3364