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Fish: Rainbow Trout

Good float-tube lakes for trout

Post By: Daiwa_User      Posted: 9/5/2019 5:27:03 PM     Points: 5    
Hi Folks, I'm new here, my very first post. Bay area trout angler but retired now and want to take some MAJOR fishing trips to very small trout lakes (Convict and smaller) in the Sierra, from the Oregon border to the Mexican border. The one caveat is I must be allowed to use a float tube to get out on the water and not get blown from hell to breakfast and it has to have trout.

Northern Nevada has a number of trout fisheries meeting with my qualifications and I hope to visit them all before I die. Catnip Reservoir is the first I will fish, might even get there this year (september trip).

I usually use Daiwa ultralight gear for my fishing. It's spooled with 15-lb braid with 4lb fluorocarbon leader. Also have another Daiwa ultralight rig, set up for bait, in the places I can meat hunt. Smallest spinning reel they make, 4'6" Daiwa ultralight rods. I have a set of larger tackle to use on places like Henry's Lake, ID, I hope I can get *there* before I die, too.

But for the moment, small, productive trout fisheries are welcome. Rivers and streams, too, though I haven't done a lot of stream fishing, I was productive at Moose Creek, ID, a place you can only get to by horseback or aircraft (or hiking if you're young). I flew in a couple times and caught wild, Western-Slope Cutts. Amazingly aggressive fish but it makes sense, they don't see many Panther-Martin spinners of any kind, and other lures for the most part.

Gold spinner, black-bodied P-M, in case you're going to Moose. Fish in the creek (you walk a wooden bridge to the creek), the Selway river is very shallow at the confluence.

I've fished a lot at Eagle Lake and if anyone is interested, I can talk about Eagle. The drought really screwed it up. Part of the north end (much shallower) dried up and while it has water this year, more truly deluge-like years of rain and snow are needed because while it was dry, ranchers let their cattle graze on the lakebed, and I think we know what those cattle did there.

Algae blooms are HUGE, unmitigated for the most part and the tui chubs, primary food species but far more prolific than Eagle Lake Trout have taken over the lake. In addition, until the lake reaches full altitude, it is recommended you simply catch and keep, which makes Eagle, for the foreseeable future, a put-and-take body of water. The fishing is better this year, from the reports I've read, but lots of problems remain.

It's said I should not kill tui chub but the lake is BLACK (screen read) with them and if I go to Eagle this fall, it will be with the intent of keeping (and killing) any tui chub I find. They make good compost.