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Yellow Perch
Yellow perch are generally brassy green to golden yellow on their sides.  They typically have 6-8 dark vertical bands found across their back and sides and the belly is off-white to pale yellow. The lower fins are reddish to orange. The dorsal fin is divided into a spiny portion and a separate soft-rayed portion. The mouth is terminal and large. While perch seldom exceed 12-14 inches, they are popular with many anglers due to their outstanding eating quality. Yellow perch can reach 18 inches.
Perch prefer relatively shallow near-shore areas in lakes with moderate amounts of vegetation that provide cover, food, and protection.  They rarely are caught in water deeper than 30 feet. Adults feed on insect larvae, crustaceans, and small fish. First year fish typically feed on zooplankton.  Sexual maturity is reach in 2-3 years, and perch can live for a decade or so.
Perch are a schooling fish, and remain active all winter, providing ice fisherman great sport.  Water temperature preference is 66-70 degrees.
Spawning occurs in early spring in shallow water.  The female lays her eggs in long gelatinous strands over vegetation, where they usually hang. The eggs hatch 11-27 days after fertilization, depending on water temperature.  Prolific spawners, a 2-3 year old female can lay upwards of a 100,000 eggs.
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