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Fishing was always a hobby of mine since I was a kid. I would fish ponds with a nightcrawler and a bobber happy to catch anything that bit. As I got older I added spinners to my arsenal and that was my style of fishing for years. After reading a fishexplorer thread about people catching bass on senkos, I gave that a shot and had one of my most memorable fishing trips of my life catching multiple smallmouth bass up to 17 inches. That experience opened my eyes to what fishing could be and I began my journey of an endless hunt for fishing knowledge.

I now mostly fish out of a kayak and started fishing competitively in the Colorado Kayak Fishing Club. After winning the first tournament I ever entered in 2017, I went on to win Angler of the Year in the 2017 Bass series. Competitive angling really brings out the best angler in you as you want to perform well when money is on the line and will have to adapt your fishing style based on what the fish want versus your preferred method of catching those fish. I now compete in a variety of kayak tournaments each year and am having a blast doing so! If you are interested in joining a local kayak tournament, check out CKFC and Colorado Kayak Bassmasters!

I also enjoy writing blogs as well as creating videos for my YouTube channel Big Fish Bucket List. I'm constantly striving to learn more about fishing in all aspects while keeping an open mind whenever anyone (of any skill level) is willing to divulge information. If you ever have questions, want to talk fishing, or just check out what I've been up to lately you can follow me on Facebook (Scott Brands), Youtube, Instagram, and

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