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California Fishing Clubs: California Bass Anglers of the Silent Society

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California Bass Anglers of the Silent Society

Contact: LeRoy Boren, Jr.
Phone: 510-735-8593
Our goal is to develop and perfect a program that will break barriers of communication that are normally present for Deaf youth. Hopefully these programs will be able to be taught to other Deaf organizations throughout the country so this knowledge base can be shared by all. We will have instructional courses emphasizing fishing regulation knowledge, identification of local aquatic ecosystems, ethical land and water use, conservation, hatchery programs, and restoration projects. These classes will be taught with an ASL Interpreter, Deaf instructors, and/or instructors who are Fluent in ASL. The courses incorporate visual, written and tactile learning methods through the use of literature, graphics, videos, angler challenges, and plenty of hands-on activities. CalBASS hopes to incorporate more programs in the future to break down barriers and teach all involved how important to protect and preserve the resources we have.