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California Fishing Clubs: Salinas Valley Flyfishers

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Salinas Valley Flyfishers

We are newcomers, beginners, and the curious: come learn the basics.
We are advanced and experts - come and fish the hot spots with us.
We fly fish. Practice catch and release.
Conserve our waters for the next generation.
We fish streams, stillwater, local California, out of state, and international waters. If there is a chance a fish is in it, we'll fish it.

Professionals present trips, tips and techniques.
We raffle great gear monthly.
We plan our fishing trips (and great food.)
We go fishing every month as a club.
We fish, we eat, we talk, we have fun.
Come along and enjoy the beautiful places with us!

Monthly meetings at 7:00 pm every second Wednesday of the month:
Come at 6:00 pm if you would like to have dinner.
Salinas Airport Restaurant
40 Mortensen Ave.