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California Fishing Clubs: Tri-Valley Bassmasters

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Tri-Valley Bassmasters

Contact: Bruce Williams
Phone: (925) 455-1343
New members welcome. Boaters and non-boaters needed. Equal fun for beginners and old pros. Our club tournament circuit provides much better variety at much lower cost than commercial circuits. Enjoy the thrill of competition without the cost. You can participate in this sport for about fifty dollars a month.

First Tuesday of each month. Livermore Airport Terminal. 7:00PM.
• Tournament draw
• Tournament results & points status
• BBAC report

Twelve tournaments per year in Northern California lakes & Delta.
Annual tournament authorization permit from California Dept of Fish & Game.
California Fish & game rules apply.
•Team tournaments
•Two-day tournaments
• Night tournaments

California Bass Federation (TBF)
Black Bass Action Committee (BBAC)