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California Fishing Clubs: Tri-City Lunkers of North Orange County

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Tri-City Lunkers of North Orange County

Contact: Ed Snell
Phone: (562) 694-0292
Tri City Lunkers is a bass fishing club whose anchor is comaraderie. We make a special effort to provide an atmosphere where friendship is more important than winning. Indeed, if you become a long term member, it is very likely that among your list of "best friends", several will be from the club.

The foundation of all this is a sincere effort to make each member a better fisherman. Secrets and new methods are shared. Advise is freely given during tournament day. We devote a portion of each monthly meeting to one member sharing something that they think gives them an advantage. And we all learn.

Please join us at one of our meetings. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at Larry's Pizza in Fullerton. Meetings start at 7:00 PM. Tournaments are generally the second Saturday after our meeting. Boaters and non boater of all skill levels are welcome. You will enjoy the experience.