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California Fishing Clubs: 17/90 Bass Club

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17/90 Bass Club

Contact: Ho Pham
Phone: (209) 604-5359
Our mission is to provide fishermen with the opportunity to learn, grow and compete on a tournament trail with other equally equipped fishermen who share similar ideas on the art of bass fishing. As anglers, we are representatives of the sport we love. We must remember to take care of the resources we use today if we want to be able to reuse them for many years and generations to come. Have fun and FISH ON!

The 17/90 Bass Club originated as the 14/25 Bass Club because of a serious need from bass anglers in the Modesto and surrounding areas. This need developed from “small” boat owners who wanted an opportunity to compete on a Tournament trail, but was at a tremendous disadvantage because their boats were not "big" enough or "fast" enough to compete on the same level as the much "larger" and "faster" boats, successfully. This does not mean that we cannot catch the same quality of fish as these competitors, because we know that we can.
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