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2021 Stocking Data and Master Angler Data Available

Blog by: Matt Snider , CO 3/22/2022
Time to geek out on fishing data again, we just updated the 2021 CPW stocking data and Master Angler data across the site.  You can find specifics on each lake page, some river pages, and almost all fish species pages. On these pages you'll find which fish were stocked where, and what big fish were caught where, in 2021 and for many years past.

This system is always being refined.  There are a ton of records to parse through, and divvying it up accurately and usefully has always been complicated.  But each year it gets better and we go back and improve upon older data. With Master Angler data the angler-supplied information causes its own issues. There are a lot of ambiguous names ("Smith Lake" for example), non-specific locations (such as "Denver"), mis-spellings ("Reservior", "Reservor" and so on), and private bodies of water.  We go through and clean them all, and nix the private waters, ambiguous waters we can't confirm, and non-specific locations. 

A few years ago we started adding what I call "interesting" trout stockings. We don't include your typical catchable (some may call put-n-take) trout stockings which go on across the state year-round. Those can be easily found on the CPW website here. What we do include are trout species like goldens, tigers, native cutthroat, and a variety of trout hybrids - which is why you may see rainbow trout listed on some bodies of water.  Hover your mouse over these items to get more detail.  And of course, all the warmwater and non-trout coldwater species are included. 

So go to your favorite lake page, favorite fish species page, and geek out. You can reach out to the local CPW aquatic biologist to enquire about more detail.  There is a link on each stocking data set with a link to a map showing who you should contact. 

Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
nparker, 3/24/2022 6:36:35 AM
Thanks for the information.
kirbydog, 4/15/2022 12:56:12 PM
No info on wipers.
kirbydog, 4/15/2022 1:36:09 PM
I found it-thanks.