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"JOHN_COSprings" - Guest Blogger

CarpQuest - Season 8 - "The Lost Episode"

Guest Blog by: JOHN FINNEY , CO 4/19/2020
Whilst organizing my hard drives for the 2020 season I came across a whole session video's worth of footage I had totally forgotten to release last year filmed at Adams Country Fairgrounds, CO.

In this session Andrew hauls almost a dozen fish and I managed to catch one of the very rare and elusive mirror carp in the lake. What a day's fishing !

So it's time to stay indoors, get out your mug, fill it with hot java and enjoy !

Best Regards,

I am an avid carp fisherman. I am passionate about helping others better understand and appreciate this much misunderstood fish. I am always happy to chat fishing, tackle and tactics and to share information with others to assist them in their pursuits. Some call me the "UK Madman", others CO Springs John. Me, I call myself a fisherman - perhaps a little obsessed with my passion and coffee at times!
Blog content © JOHN FINNEY
Blog Comments
ass bass or cash, 4/20/2020 7:00:48 PM
Always fun to watch John! Top notch production quality. I haven't seen all the episodes, but have you fished for carp in the rivers locally? Lots of the in the S. Platte adjacent to Adams County Fairgrounds. I've noticed they're not nearly as easy to "spook", move fast and sporadically and wonder if stronger by nature of the current? Any advice or techniques different from fishing them in lakes? Same species but slightly different behaviors I would imagine.
bron, 4/20/2020 8:00:03 PM
Not sure how you lost this one John...epic day and great mirror!