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Matt Snider
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The Winter Giveaway of 2019 Begins

Blog by: Matt Snider , Colorado 11/19/2019
It has begun!  The 2019 Winter Giveaway is underway!

I am just going to keep this short and sweet.  We've been doing this for a long time.  This annual event is designed as a "Thank You" to all of you contributing to FishExplorer. We find a bunch of cool gear and fishing trips to give away to everyone, put it all into this online event, and in January pick winners.

The companies and people offering their products and services in the Winter Giveaway buy into what we're doing here.  They understand that it takes a village to run something like this, and they like to help out... help us give back to you.  These are all good companies, good folks, many of whom I've met in person at fishing and trade shows.  Many of the free fishing trips are offered by FishExplorer editors and Skippers who help all year long, and they go the extra mile now to help even more.

I sincerely hope that you will take the time to check them all out, visit their websites, follow their social media accounts, learn about some companies, people, and products you're not familiar with, and ultimately support them.

And of course pick those items you would most like to win! We have a lot of items this year.  I am sure it's the biggest Winter Giveaway we've had yet.  And it is all great stuff.

Anyone can win.  All you need to do is log in, pick prizes, and come back and do it again later.  No gimmicks.  It's that simple.  It starts now and ends December 31.  We pick winners for each prize in January and notify winners.

One more thing.  Please submit conditions reports.  If you go fish, come back and submit a report.  If you drive by a lake that hasn't been updated in a while, check it out and submit a report. Ask your friends to help, get involved, and to submit reports.  Apply to be a Skipper and take charge of maintaining information for one lake or river. We need more Skippers!  If you find outdated information on a FishExplorer page, send us corrections. This is what makes FishExplorer a solid resource and we need you to be involved.

Thank you for contributing to this resource we have here. Now go pick some prizes to win!

Big big thanks to our prize sponsors!

Blog content © Matt Snider
Blog Comments
panfishin, CO   11/19/2019 9:47:00 AM
Thanks for putting this on Matt and a huge thanks to all who are donating gear and trips!
Salmon Slayer, CO   11/19/2019 5:01:09 PM
Goodie goodie, slobber slobber....!
SGM, CO   11/20/2019 7:28:57 PM
A great deal and glad to be part of it. Thanks Matt for making it work. Good luck to all. Some really great prizes.
HeavyC, CO   11/20/2019 8:09:43 PM
:) HC Out!!
Kev-o, CO   11/21/2019 6:14:20 PM
Tons of really cool stuff this year! Thanks FXR!