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"JOHN_COSprings" - Guest Blogger

CarpQuest Season 7 - Episode 2 Released - Fairgrounds in Spring

Guest Blog by: JOHN FINNEY , CO 6/29/2019
It's Saturday evening and time to put on the coffee pot and get out your mug.

The Quest to catch some big pre-spawn commons at the Fairgrounds was proving difficult. In this episode we try different section of the lake after using a Deeper Sonar to find the fish. Our efforts were rewarded with Andrew landing a couple of good commons. Sadly no victory coffee for me but a mug was consumed for Andrew's fish.

We hope you enjoy our latest endeavors.
I am an avid carp fisherman. I am passionate about helping others better understand and appreciate this much misunderstood fish. I am always happy to chat fishing, tackle and tactics and to share information with others to assist them in their pursuits. Some call me the "UK Madman", others CO Springs John. Me, I call myself a fisherman - perhaps a little obsessed with my passion and coffee at times!
Blog content © JOHN FINNEY
Blog Comments
bron, 6/29/2019 8:44:22 PM
Nice video John...cant complain for two big ones.
JOHN FINNEY (JOHN_COSprings), 7/1/2019 11:42:29 PM
Bron as we continued to fish throughout spring the action simply got better and better, so did the fish :) more to come in future episodes :) 1