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Skipper Spotlight: bron

Blog by: Tom McInerney , Colorado 5/7/2018
This time around we're spotlighting bron!

I've had the pleasure of fishing with Curtis and his son a number of times. It's always a blast and sometimes we even catch fish. He's a damn good fisher and get's to enjoy it with his son, which I know makes it that much better. As a Skipper, he's the man. Conditions up to date and is always quick on the forum or email to help folks with questions about his waters.

Here's a little more about bron:

Whatís your earliest memory fishing?
Probably when I was around 8 years old, we went to Wisconsin to visit my stepdadís family and I caught my first fish up there.  My Granddad took me pond hopping and we caught numerous bluegill, sunfish, and crappie.  The panfish up there were so big that my Grandma could fillet themómade for some disappointment here in Colorado, they donít get that big here.  I really grew up around fishingówe had a mobile home at McConaughy in Nebraska and a pontoon so I caught plenty of walleye and white bass there.  My Granddad here in Colorado took me all the time with his retired buddies to places like Boulder Res., Lon Hagler, and Estes.  As a teen I rode my bike to Sloans and Rocky Mountain lake every chance I got.

Why do you fish?
Honestly, I donít think catching is as important as the outing itself.  The whole adventure of the fishing trip is what I enjoy.  Planning it out, hanging out with my son and friends, and just being on the water.  I guess the experience reboots me for day to day life.

Whatís your favorite species/technique?  Why?
My son and I try to be diverse and use every fishing method and change it up all the time.  We donít get to go fish as often as we would like and if we only have a few hours our go-to is carp fishing at one of our favorite ponds.  Getting to know John Finney and Daris McKinnon has really made a difference in our tackle and carp fishing methods.  Love the Carpquest videos!  We enjoy using our flyrods too and emphasize that several trips each year.  I have Fish Explorer to thank for making us pretty good ice fisherman too, look forward to hard water season every year.

Whatís your dream fishing vacation?  And/or what kind of fishing have you never done but want to learn?
I have always wanted to do a trip to Canada where they fly you in to a remote lake and leave you and your friends in a cabin with a boat for a week.  Again, itís more about the trip than the fishing, but the fishing would be awesome there!  Pike are a big draw to me and I havnít really chased them much in the past.  This July my son Blake and I are doing a trip to Spinney with Nate Zelinski just to chase pike.  We are totally stoked for that and unless itís a bust Iíll do a blog about the experience.

Why did you become a skipper?
Thereís something about Fish Explorer that really gets to me.  I donít know if itís how the site is formatted, the point system, or the community itself.  Probably all of those things combined I guess.  Early on, Ajax and Sylvan met us and exposed us to new fishing techniques (bottom bouncing for walleye and ice fishing).  They both talked to me about being a skipper and once I became one it got addictive.  I wouldnít mind monitoring a few more lakes in addition to the ones I already have.  I really enjoy it when people contact me through my skipper link asking me questions about my lakes and sending me pictures of their catches.

If you're interested in becoming one, check out the lakes that need a skipper here. We generally ask that folks can check the lake/river a couple times a month and the site a couple times a week and have reported on the water a couple times. Just fill out an application and we'll go from there.

Thanks again to bron and all the Skipper out there who help us out keeping conditions up to date and making fishing more fun.

Blog content © Tom McInerney
Blog Comments
anglerwannabe, CO   5/7/2018 6:36:52 AM
very cool Curtis.
Ajax5240, CO   5/7/2018 8:42:34 AM
There is nothing better in life than fishing with your kid(s)! Blake and Curtis make a terrific fishing duo! Honored to have been part of the journey! Look forward to fishing with you guys again sometime soon! Cheers!
Goosehunter82, CO   5/7/2018 9:43:07 AM
One of the best things that has come from fxr is my friendship with Curtis and Blake. Always a great time hanging out with these guys.
SGM, CO   5/7/2018 6:09:33 PM
Very nice, glad we met and got out fishing together. Iím sure we will have many more good trips.
bron, CO   5/8/2018 5:25:27 AM
Thanks guys! Ive really found some great friends thru FXR!
JOHN_COSprings, CO   5/8/2018 3:24:53 PM
Fins-up to you Bron !
Kev-o, CO   5/8/2018 5:56:53 PM
Bron is fun to fish with for sure Iíve been out with him a few times myself. Great guy even if he does fish for carp lol. Heís becoming a better fisherman every year. 😁
bron, CO   5/8/2018 7:25:04 PM
Thanks again! I hope we all get better every year Kev.
Smelly, CO   5/9/2018 12:23:19 PM
I can remember "back in the good l days " when catching a CARP ment . You better wear a bag over your head in case somebody was watching you ! But because of guys like Bron, Cpt Doughball, John and others. Your dedication to "goldfish " has helped raise that fish from trash to true sportfish.You put it where it should be, and showed the rest of us what we were missing ! You and Doughball are part of that movement. Something to be proud of ! There is a country song that goes " I was country,when country wasn't cool." Well. you were "Carp'n, when Carp'n wast cool".And you helped to change that.
bron, CO   5/9/2018 5:17:05 PM
Thanks Smelly! It hasnt always been pretty promoting carping and there are still haters out there. I think John would agree with me, you have to ignore it and do what you enjoy. I look forward to the Dont Bash the Trash tourny every year. What a great group of peers to hang out with!
bharper, CO   5/11/2018 8:33:26 AM
Great real life blog by Tom of Curtis(Bron)! Life is not life without having good times out in nature with family and friends! Cheers🍻 to all of you!
anglerwannabe, CO   5/11/2018 10:31:13 AM
Smelly, c'mon man quit quoting Barbara Mandel... and it's my duty/honor to now formally harass carp weirdos alongside ice weirdos. Because as you say.. the carp weirdos have elevated their game. Look forward to harassing you and Blake often Curtis! Oh yeah..John too and not forgetting carpmeister either.
bron, CO   5/11/2018 10:43:28 AM
If only I could perfect ice fishing exclusively for carp! We could have so much fun Jim!