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How do you get your Mojo going?

Blog by: Jim McFarland , Colorado 7/4/2017
While in deep, thoughtful conversation with Bron, he chimes in with, ďMaybe we should do a blog on what gets your mojo going!Ē  Well ok, maybe our small minds didnít go too deep! Lol But it does present some interesting thought and hopefully conversation.  The following is a depiction of two sides of the same coin.  For myself, it is fairly simple.  For Bron, well he has obviously given it a great deal of thought. So, letís begin with my side first.
It doesnít take much to get me excited to fish, or as Bron puts it, get my mojo on.  Perhaps itís from playing lots of sports but skunks rarely affect me.  You canít have a conscience about what happened yesterday in order to be successful today.  With that in mind, skunks are easily forgotten and put behind me.  There are many things that can make me euphoric about fishing.  As written before, an early morning on the water on the tube or toon has its own special place in my heart.  The thought of a new body of water with new or prized species lurking within it can and has cost me to lose sleep the eve before.
New gear can also have that effect on me. It could be a new rod and reel combo, something that I spent months saving for and finally able to get it.  The feel of a perfect pairing of reel and rod canít be beat.  The smoothness of the cast and retrieve on this level of fishing gear always amazes me and is often mesmerizing as well. Then thereís the myriad of lures available. Some look so real when in the water itís hard to believe itís not an actual fish.  Especially given the finish and the movement of the lure.  Then thereís the lure that produces almost from first cast and remains hot.  The Bill Lewis 1.75 is such a lure.  All this and much more can get me amped up for the next fishing trip.  But what about Bron?
As mentioned, he has given it far more thought.  He laments on defining mojo or luck and cites how people post about being stuck on a skunk repeatedly. Then states, ďwhen it's good it's awesome and when you are off it sucks.Ē When the skunk creeps into a fishermanís life how much is superstition or luck and how much is making adaptations that cure the problem? Bron says when he hits a slump he does whacky things like baseball players such as switching out his fishing hat or carrying his Granby 50 cent piece but will also change rods and methods.
What he says about superstition seems especially true to me.  Think of how many folks refuse to allow a banana on their boat?  When I was younger and made trips through Woodland Park I ALWAYS had to stop at a specific convenience store and get some snacks and drinks.  Failing to do so caused a bad trip, at least this was true in my mind.  Right now, I bet your mind is racing for all the frivolous things you believe, but you believe non-the less!
What he says about tactics changes also resonates with truth and experience.  As fishermen when we try something new and it doesnít become immediately effective, we quickly resort to going back to what works for us as opposed to sticking it out and mastering the new.  For me itís some of the larger swim baits.  Love to throw them but have yet to be highly successful with them, so after an hour or two Iíll jump back to the familiar.  Crank baits, jerk baits, in line spinners and lots of plastics as they always produce for me. Just like in the following example from Bron.
Last year Bron frequently began losing big carp at the shore.  In the Spring, he changed from a #6 hook to a #8 because the fish would take the whole bait more aggressively.  However, as the weather got warmer they kept spitting out the hook at the shore so he reverted back to a #6 and the slump went away. He also speculates going out of your comfort zone really kills the bite sometimes.  The last two years Bron and Capt Doughball have had big summer trips to Blue Mesa and Granby and have only one fish to show for it.  If they go back to one of their favorite honey holes they always get the skunk off.
Think about that for a bit.  I know and bet you know some places where it is more about catching than fishing.  You can almost chunk rocks on the end of your line and still catch fish.  How about you?  How do you get your mojo going?  What are some of your superstitions?
FishRanglers Catfish tattoo that he kisses!
Blog content © Jim McFarland
Blog Comments
Kev-o, CO   7/4/2017 11:04:01 AM
Mojo huh? Superstitions and rituals? I do it all the time. Stopping at 7-11 in Granby EVERY single time I go there or dipping my lure in the water before my first cast. Perhaps adapting to changing conditions is more conducive to catching fish. Something to ponder about for sure.
FISHRANGLER, CO   7/4/2017 4:15:03 PM
I have a tattoo of a catfish on my hand No lie. I'm rubbing it all the time for good luck and it works! I also get calls from my friends that are fishing without me asking me to rub my cat. Some times they rub it on their own for good luck. I've licked it a couple times. Its kinda weird to lick it after baiting up. It's true.
D-Zilla, CO   7/5/2017 5:51:13 AM
I have a thing about the Kum & Go in Granby. If I don't stop there on the way out it's bad mojo. The one time I didn't I ALMOST lost my car on the pass. Since then, even if it's just for a quick bathroom break, I MUST stop there. Superstition can be a powerful thing.
ultralightfanatic, CO   7/5/2017 2:42:29 PM
I got me no mojo, it went go go long ago.
Jim McFarland (anglerwannabe), CO   7/6/2017 10:17:56 AM
thanks guys. Rangler - umm I just don't know what to say! lol Don't even wanna think about catfish bait once the weather gets warm. ULF - don't worry, Bron lost his Mojo too.. I just ain't got the heart to tell him. lol
Salmon Slayer, CO   7/6/2017 2:13:55 PM
I take special vitamins to jump start my mojo on the drive to each fishing spot. They come six to a pack, are circular with a two inch diameter and a hole in the center, and are chocolate coated. Early on I noticed that the powdered sugar and cinnamon crunch vitamins don't have the same juju.
bron, CO   7/6/2017 5:18:26 PM
Im doing so good this year Im afraid that Ill jinx myself talking about it. I really like the way you wrote this up Jim! my mom is worried that I will be getting another tattoo, she hates them.
Smelly, CO   7/8/2017 5:17:36 PM
Lucky Undershorts ! Soon as I catch the first fish of the season. I keep those babies on ALL season LONG !! And absolutely NO washing ! Now there's some MOJO for ya !! .... Fish aren't superstitious, why should I be...Truth be told, I didn't even know about the " Banana Curse " . Until I had it " explained " to me a while back by a well known guide with the initials N.Z. Who actually does seem to believe in it.
JohnnyW, CO   7/8/2017 6:54:58 PM
For me personally I like to get my rigs ready the night before, you know figure out which baits I'm going to be using and on which rods. The whole planning part of it is what I really enjoy and then the anticipation as the next morning unfolds if it will pan out. I compare fishing to gambling quite a bit as there are many similarities and it is often a fast or feast outcome.