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Tod Costello
"Bassinova Baits" - Guest Blogger

Bassinova Baits

Guest Blog by: Tod Costello 2/17/2012
  I have recently heard of a new and up and coming custom lure maker.  As avid Bass anglers we are always looking for something unique, something to give us that edge on the others.   Well Bassinova Baits has done this.  These baits are some of the most realistic looking baits on the market and they are made one at a time so they are also very well made to last.  The baits are in several different patterns as we all have different styles and colors we prefer on our favorite lakes.  I would highly recommend checking these out, you wont be disappointed.  Just type in Bassinova Baits in your favorite search engine and give them a look.
Tod "TC" Costello has been a fisherman since a very young age. His grandfather Gerry Nelson taught him the true meaning of fishing, its the love of the outdoors and the anticipation of what could be and to always respect the great outdoors. Tod is one of the original members of Bass N Tubes, a local kick boat/float tube Tournament Bass fishing club. He also wants to bring back the true art of Bass Fishing, as it was before there were boats. Shore Bass Fishing is a very challenging and rewarding form of Bass Angling. TC has a dream one day to bring Tournament Bass Fishing to us all and start The Shore Bass Fishing Trail, aka The SBFT Tour. His passion and dedication to fishing is without comparison.
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Blog Comments
FuriousFishing, 2/22/2012 2:45:27 PM
Thanks for the tip Todd!