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Mike Stevens
"mstevens395" - Guest Blogger

Steady pick on Dixon Lake trout

Guest Blog by: Mike Stevens 12/21/2011

Dixon Lake in Escondido is well into trout mode these days, and anglers getting out there early can expect a limit by lunchtime. The most popular shore fishing location is Trout Cove, but it can be elbow-to-elbow in there while other parts of the lake can be just as if not more productive.

Whisker Bay is a small cove close to the buoyline that typically produces trout within a couple days of a stock, as trout are dumped into the lake near the dam. Boat renters can also picked off recently stocked trout near the buoyline.

The west shoreline between the boat dock and dam is also a productive trout spot that is often overlooked by trout anglers. Some of the biggest trout come out of this area.

Right now, the Nebraska Tailwalker rainbows are being taken on Kastmasters, trout worms, and Power Bait on a short leader in all of these locations. Just don't get sucked in to thinking you have to follow the crowd down into Trout Cove to get bit.

A Southern California native, Stevens specializes in targeting trout in the Eastern Sierra region of the state, but the San Diego resident also has experience fishing the lakes of San Diego, Riverside, and L.A. counties. He spent five years in the fishing tackle industry, and he also spent two years working in a marine fish hatchery. On the saltwater side, he enjoys the local offshore scene and surf fishing, and he has fished from Montana to California to Cabo San Lucas. As a writer, his work has been published in Western Outdoor News, Fish Taco Chronicles, and Fish Wrap Magazine to name a few, and he is a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of California.
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