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Joshua Christensen
"BeastModeVet" - Guest Blogger

Coastal California Under Attack

Guest Blog by: Joshua Christensen 12/14/2011
Big news on the Western coast the last few years has been the imminent closures of our pristine coastline. A group called the MLPA or Marine Life Protection Act has had the shores of California in its sights for quite a while. A long battle has ensued, however the So Cal. coast is about to suffer the same fate that Northern California did a few years ago. 

In an attempt to stop this government like shutdown of a god given right to fish, a group formed called the United Anglers of Southern California. For a few years now they have managed to delay the now January 1, 2012 shutdown of prime fishing locations along the bays and coastline. 

I have spoked with many fishing colleagues and some of them blame it on California being a messed up state. I disagree, mainly because as messed up as things are in what could actually be a great state, the true responsibility lies on us as citizens to resolve our differences as a people. Many people do not realize that there is an ever growing group of citizens with nothing better to do with their time but look into what others are doing and say they want to stop it. I remember a few years back when there was a study that proved hunters were causing damage to the environment with lead ammunition. Since then, the use of lead based ammo has been made illegal to use for sporting purposes. What would become of hunting in other states should lead based ammo be banned? Is lead not a concern in other states? I think it's only a matter of time before others get bored and start more chaos out of nothing. 

While I sit here wondering how things will change in California these next few years in regards to fishing, I can't help but see the spread of this disease like thinking. Some of you may think that your state is immune to such rulings, however I will leave you with this. Southern California has been only second to coastal Florida in sport fishing revenue for as long as time has been kept. There are numerous fishing fleets that are essentially being put out of business by these new regulations. If a multi-billion dollar business could be sucker punched in a few short years. What is stoping it from traveling to the Coast of Texas, or Florida? Where does it stop? I hope that we can form a front with conservation in mind that will help our waters flourish and not infringe upon our rights to live as well.

If you would like more information on this subject I will be doing an article about this very soon. It will hold a lot of details. Please be on the lookout for it within the next few weeks.
Joshua Christensen has been fishing since the age of three, always honing his skills towards bass fishing in both fresh and salt water. His passion for the sport of fishing is only surpassed by his passion for doing it by sit on top kayak. In addition to the work he does with Fish Explorer, Joshua is also the host of Beast Mode Outdoors on You Tube.
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