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About Us

Matt Snider - Executive Editor

The concept of Fish Explorer started in 2004 when I got my first boat and couldn't find a list of lakes showing where I could launch it. I wanted to fly fish for wipers and hunt tiger muskie, but couldn't find a map showing which lakes had them. And if I was going to travel hours to get to a lake, I had very few options if any to determine whether the lake was full enough to launch, or warm enough to find active fish.

After gathering data through many phone calls, emails, and meetings, I had the idea to put all this information in one place for everyone. This core concept of mapping lakes, cross-referencing fish species, and maintaining current conditions culminated in what is now

Over the years, with the help of many many people, the website has grown to be a feature-rich, hyper-local resource that is an indispensable tool when exploring the numerous fisheries available to us, enlisting local experts and giving previously unheard voices a chance to share their love of fishing.

I hope you enjoy as much as I've enjoyed building it and watching it grow. Remember that our resources are shared among all, and that we all share the responsibility to take care of them.

See you on the water!
- Matt

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Fish Explorer California Skippers Apply to become a lake Skipper...

Fish Explorer Skippers are a group of individuals that are committed to maintaining current conditions among the various bodies of water we feature on the website. They need your help. Submit lake updates whenever you get out on the water.


Of course this wouldn't be anything without you. Your participation is all that matters in the whole big scheme of things. Thanks to all the members who have submitted lake updates. By submitting these conditions reports, we have a central resource for most all that matters in the life of fishing and boating. Please help us keep information current. Submit lake updates when you get out on the water.