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Lake: Antero Reservoir

LOST: Simms wading boots

Post By: stratfish      Posted: 10/5/2020 3:28:59 AM     Points: 400    
Sunday 10/4 @ North shore boat ramp area. I forgot my wading boots!
Had fished until 10:30 & got skunked as everyone else did near the boat ramp. Groups on both sides of me left at same time as I did.

I washed my boots and left them drying on a rock while putting the rest of my gear away. They're about 50 yards east of the North shore boat ramp. Hoping someone on this forum finds them & will contact me because I can't go back to try recovering them until next weekend... by then they'll certainly be gone.
 Reply by: Moderator      Posted: Oct. 5, 10:46:06 AM53    
At Antero Res
 Reply by: stratfish      Posted: Oct. 5, 11:22:35 AM     Points: 400    
I took the morning off from work and drove back to Antero to retrieve my boots - crazy idea! They are long gone!! Very popular/high traffic spot near the N. Shore boat ramp, so I should've known someone would grab them... Hopefully whoever found the boots is a member here and snagged them to try reuniting them with their owner.

If you found my boots please contact me:
Cellphone is best: 719-201-8806

Thx! Mark
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Oct. 5, 11:42:09 AM     Points: 59648    
on a less expensive note... someone stole my slides from 11 Mile while I was tubing.
 Reply by: SirGreg88      Posted: Oct. 8, 4:29:34 AM     Points: 68    
I have seen some happy endings since I started checking out Fish Explorer. There are still a few good people out there. Here's to hoping you get em back........
 Reply by: FishingJunkie      Posted: Oct. 8, 8:50:00 AM     Points: 1816    
Dang... I hope you get them back... such a valuable item. Hoping for a good person to get them back to ya. Good luck.
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: Oct. 8, 12:43:49 PM     Points: 5440    
What size do you wear?
I remembered after seeing your post that I have some wading boots that I havenít used in years, I have two pair of Simms one is a size ten the other a size twelve, I also found a pair of Chota lightweights in size ten.
Contact me and you can have a pair if theyíll fit.
Anyone else who needs what he doesnít take let me know and you can have then FREE I just donít use them any more.
The Simms are close to new the Chotas are very serviceable.
Bill/ Anteroman
 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Oct. 8, 1:39:44 PM     Points: 59648    
very nice Bill!
 Reply by: stratfish      Posted: Oct. 9, 12:30:28 PM     Points: 400    
Thanks for all the well wishes guys!
Also mega thanks for your offer to give me some free boots Bill!!
Very nice of you.

My boots were size 11 but a bit tight in the toe box - so the size 12 Simms should fit me perfect for cold weather wading with thicker socks.
I have a few questions about the size 12s.
Please text me at 719-201-8806 so we can discuss.

*** Thank You! ***
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: Oct. 10, 2:02:51 PM     Points: 5440    
Ill get with you later today.
 Reply by: stratfish      Posted: Oct. 15, 11:47:08 AM     Points: 400    
He set me up with some like new Simms Freestone wading boots and even arranged to have a Colo Sprgs based fishing buddy bring them back to town after their last outing @Spinney. I had the boots in hand after a 15 min drive yesterday morning...

You're a 100% Class Act, Bill! Really appreciate your help & generousity.
Some cold beers are definitely in order for next time we meet up on the water.

 Reply by: anglerwannabe      Posted: Oct. 15, 12:52:10 PM     Points: 59648    
hey hey hey settle down.. all that will go to Bill's head! lol
 Reply by: Anteroman      Posted: Oct. 15, 2:37:56 PM     Points: 5440    
Thank you for the compliments Mark, glad I was able to help a fellow fisherman. Enjoy the boots and keep them on!

I still have a pair of size ten Simms as well as a slightly used pair of Chotas lightweights in size ten also, l
drop me a note if you need a pair.

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