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Colorado Fish Species

Arctic Char
Arctic Grayling
Black Bullhead
Black Crappie
Blue Catfish
Bluehead sucker
Bonytail Chub
Brook Trout
Brown Trout
Channel Catfish
Colorado Pikeminnow
Colorado River Cutthroat
Common Carp
Creek Chub
Cutbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Emerald Shiner
Flannelmouth Sucker
Flathead Catfish
Flathead Chub
Freshwater Drum
Gizzard Shad
Golden Shiner
Golden Trout
Grass Carp
Green Sunfish
Greenback Cutthroat
Hybrid Striped Bass(wiper/palmetto)
Lake Chub
Lake Trout
Largemouth Bass
Longnose Sucker
Mountain Whitefish
Northern Pike
Orangespotted Sunfish
Rainbow Trout
Redear Sunfish
River Carpsucker
Roundtail Chub
Sacramento Perch
Smallmouth Bass
Snake River Cutthroat
Spottail Shiner
Spotted Bass
Striped Bass
Sunfish (Bream)
Tiger Muskie
Tiger Trout
White Bass
White Crappie
White Sucker
Yellow Bullhead
Yellow Perch
Yellowstone Cutthroat

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Adobe Creek Reservoir (Blue Lake)
Arapaho Bend Ponds (FC)
Lake Arbor
Banner Lakes SWA
Barnum Park Lake
Barr Lake
Bear Creek Ponds
Big Thompson Ponds
Bingham Lake-Pinery Reservoir
Birdland Lake (Jack B. Tomlinson Park)
Boedecker Reservoir
Boulder Reservoir
Boyd Lake
Brighton City Park Lake
Brush Hollow Reservoir
Chartiers Pond (Brush SWA)
Chatfield Reservoir
Cherry Creek Reservoir
Cherry Knolls Pond
City Park Lake (Denver)
Clear Creek Pond
Confluence Lake
Cottonwood Lake (Pearl Parkway Boulder)
Cottonwood Park Lake (Kipling & Jewell)
Crawford Reservoir
Crown Hill Lake
DePoorter Lake
Doty Park Pond
Douglas Reservoir
Eastman Park
Ehrlich Lake
Elaine T. Valente Open Space
Eleven Mile Reservoir
Exposition Park Pond
Flagler Reservoir
Fountain Creek Reg Park Ponds
Four Acre Lake Park (Garrison)
Frank SWA
Frantz Lake SWA
Garfield Lake
Gateway Pond
Lake Geneva
Golden Meadow Park (Ft. Collins)
Greenbriar Park Lake
Harriman Lake
Harvey Park Lake - Riviera - Ward #5
Heinricy Lake
Lake Henry
Highline Lake
Horseshoe Reservoir (Lathrop SP)
Horsetooth Reservoir
Hunters Glen Lake
Huston Park Lake
Hyland Ponds
Izaak Walton Pond
Jackson Lake
John Martin Reservoir
Jumbo Annex (Red Lion SWA)
Jumbo Reservoir (Julesburg)
Ken Mitchell Park Pond
Kendrick Reservoir
Kenney Reservoir
Kingfisher Point Ponds
KOA Lake
Lagerman Reservoir
Lon Hagler Reservoir
Lonetree Reservoir
Lake Loveland
Lowell Ponds
Mack Mesa Lake
Main Reservoir
McCall Lake
McIntosh Lake
McKay Lake
McMurry Ponds
McPhee Reservoir
Mead Ponds
Meadow Park Lake
Lake Meredith
Navajo Reservoir
Nee Gronda Reservoir
Nee Noshe Reservoir
North Sterling Reservoir
Ordway Reservoir
Overland Trail Park Pond
Pomona Lake #2
Portner Reservoir (Fossil Creek)
Poudre Ponds
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Promontory Point Park Ponds
Prospect Park Lakes (Wheatridge)
Prospect Ponds (FC)
Pueblo Reservoir
Quail Lake
Ridgeview Park Pond
Rio Blanco Lake
River's Edge and Jayhawker Ponds
Riverbend Ponds
Rocky Mountain Arsenal
Rocky Mountain Lake
Rogers Grove - Fairgrounds Lake
Rotella Park Pond
Runyon-Fountain Lakes
Salisbury Park
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Soda Lakes
Spratt-Platte Lake
St. Vrain State Park (Barbour Ponds)
Standley Lake
Stearns Lake
Sterne Pond (Kids only)
Sweitzer Lake
Tamarack Ranch Pond
Thornton Gravel Ponds #2 & #3
Twin Lakes Park Ponds
Union Reservoir
Viele Lake
Waneka Lake
Watson Lake (Littleton)
Westminster City Park Pond
Windsor Lake
FishExplorer Rivers with Common Carp
Only lakes in the Fish Explorer database are included in this listing. Lakes we feature on this website are hyperlinked.
Common Carp

The lowly carp. The freshwater bonefish. The freshwater redfish.  You choose. This commonly frowned-upon fish is gaining more and more prominence as a gamefish with the advent of fly-fishers popularizing the flats-style approaches akin to Bonefishing in tropical climates.

This hard-fighting and massive-bodied fish has more than likely given many of you a lesson in proper drag setting after grabbing your panfish hook and taking off to who-knows-where with it. The carp is still largely considered a nuisance fish not wanted in our lakes. It is often wrongly assumed the fish is a bottom-feeding, swimming garbage can.

You can catch carp with several baits including nymph flies, spinners, and streamers. Carp are some of the most hardy fish which makes them a prime target in the coldest and hottest weather. They will actively feed in the early spring, late fall, and warm winters.

We are pulling for you, carp. We hope you gain the acceptance you've warranted for so many years.

See Barry Reynold's, Brad Befus', and John Berryman's book on catching carp on the fly, "Carp on the Fly: A Flyfishing Guide."

Common Carp in Colorado

Yes, carp are definitely available to anglers in Colorado, widely considered a trout state.  Mostly found in lower elevation areas on the eastern plains, foothills, and western slope, carp are abundant in many many urban impoundments and rivers.  However, carp are also quite prevalent in some higher mountain lakes, such as 11-mile Reservoir.  If you're traveling to Colorado for a convention or business, and can't stray far enough to more traditional trout streams, pack your rod anyway.  The South Platte River downtown is swimming with lots of big carp.

Colorado Records

Kept             38.75 inches, 35 lb 5 oz
Released   42 inches

Colorado Master Angler Award qualifying length for Common Carp is 30"

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