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by riper69 - Average sizeby riper69 - by Gunnar - Nice rainbow that was caught and released at Anteroby riper69 - by roy boy - It was good to get out this morning and head down to the fishing hole As you can see the water level is low but the fish were very gonefishing! - Caught over 9 with me my lady and friend..have an ice day!by ND Transplant - Hiked to the inlet late afternoon on 11/21/20 and found it frozen. It was not frozen on 11/18/20 when I caught this fargingicehole - by LakeJohnResort - View from North boat rampby riper69 - 710 amby riper69 - by riper69 - by riper69 - by BW-1775PG - by LakeJohnResort - ND Lakeby LakeJohnResort - North Delaney Lake
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