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Safety on the Ice, Lessons from a Survivor
A story and advice about ice fishing safety
by: John Stevens
This article is about Fish Explorer member Bud Everson, his fishing partner Howie, and an unforgettable trip to the ice at Chatfield Reservoir.
Early Ice
Safely approaching early and late season ice
by: Bernie Keefe
Why miss some great fishing waiting for six inches of ice, when properly approached early and late ice can be fished with minimal risk?
Trout Ice Fishing Tips
Techniques from years of successful ice fishing for trout.
by: Shane Dubois
Shane shares techniques he's used over the years to successfully catch trout through the ice.
Which ice auger diameter is best for you
A short guide to ice auger selection
by: David Harrison
While it is possible to ice fish without an auger, having the right tools makes the day's outing far more pleasant.
Putting Your Underwater Camera to Work Ice Fishing
Taking your ice fishing to another dimension
by: David Harrison
Using an underwater camera while ice fishing, brings another dimension to the sport. It literally opens up a whole new world for the viewing.
First Ice Tactics
Early season ice offers great fishing
by: Bernie Keefe
One of Bernie's favorite times of the year is first ice, In this article he shares tactics for early season success.
Weather Getting Colder, Blood Getting Hotter
Preparing for your ice fishing season
by: Brian Ankrum
Surely ice fishing has begun in some parts of the state, but if you're waiting to get out on hardwater for the first time this season, Brian discusses some of his preparation tips and getting out early on safe lids.
Chasing Master Anglers
Digging into Master Angler Data
by: David Coulson
The CDOW Master Angler program is a neat way to be rewarded for catching big fish. Dave takes it a step further in this article, presenting data from historic Awards to illustrate interesting and helpful tidbits about Colorado's biggest fish catches.
Flashers: Vexilar vs. MarCum
Comparing two flashers in the real world.
by: Nate Zelinsky
Nate and Stephanie discuss Marcum and Vexilar flashers for ice fishing, comparing the two in real-world application. The conclusion of which is more effective does not necessarily come down to features...
Ice Fishing with Floats
You'll Catch More Fish I Guarantee It!
by: Nate Zelinsky
Frustrated with missing light-biting fish through the ice? Nate and Stephanie go into detail about using floats to improve your hook-set success on hard water for a variety of species, and discuss basic slip-bobber choices and application.
Ice fishing, friends and sunscreen
As Front Range waters thaw, ice fishing gets hot in the mountains
by: Bernie Keefe
When the lakes along the Front Range start to open up, people tend to forget about ice fishing. Give this late season bite a shot, but don't forget the sunscreen!
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