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Bass on the Fly 2014 Lake Fork Tournament
The story of two Fish Explorer editors giving it a go
by: Lloyd Tackitt
Llyod picked up the fact that the world fly fishing for bass was being held at Lake Fork, Texas. Hearing he was planning on fishing it I gave him a call and asked if he'd like to fish it as a team. He agreed. We did and here's our story.
Water Boatman/Backswimmer Time
An often overlooked pattern
by: Richard Pilatzke
Many consider boatmen to be a minor part of trout's diet. While they may not be a primary food source, trout readily feed on them and havin a few boatmen patterns will bring fish to the net.
Sixth Sense
The Streamer Touch
by: Richard Pilatzke
There are many ways to catch trout, but when it comes to big fish, streamers are king. Richard shares his successes with the Crystal Bullet, a streamer of his own design.
Of Dragons and Damsels
Fishing the Blues
by: Richard Pilatzke
Fishing dragonfly and damels has been the author's passion for over twenty years. During this time he has found tying and fishing adult damsels gives a whole to meaning to dry fly fishing.
The Trip of a Life Time
Fly fishing at Arctic Lodges, Saskatchewan
by: David Coulson
Over our lives if we're fortunate, we'll fish many places and catch numerous fish. And if we're lucky a few of those adventures will fall into the category of being a trip of a lifetime.
Fly Fishing the Brazos
An approach to warm water river fishing
by: Lloyd Tackitt
Fly fishing and rivers are meant for each other, regardless of the species. Lloyd presents techniques for success on warm water rivers as he walks us through a day's fishing his home river.
Steelhead Can Change a Man
One's journey to catch the fish dreams are made of
by: Scott Thompson
Twelve years of chasing the elusive steelhead brought out both the worst and best of this fisherman before the dream of landing one was realized.
Clouser Minnow
One pattern that fills many boxes
by: David Coulson
One approach to fly tying is to tie many patterns in order to "match the hatch." Dave shows us how one pattern can match many hatches and fill many fly boxes along the way.
Non-Technical Fly Fishing
Fly fishing for the beginner without all the jargon.
by: Cliff Hilbert
Fly fishing is sometimes viewed as an elitist sport, but in truth it is just another method of catching fish. Cliff discusses fly fishing from that perspective. A must read for those thinking about taking up fly fishing but are intimidated by all the technical jargon.
Fly Fishing for Bream (Sunfish)
An introduction to the basics of fishing for panfish with a flyrod.
by: Cliff Hilbert
Fly fishing for bream is an easy transition from trout fishing and just as much fun. Cliff walks us through the basics of this exciting aspect of the sport.
Reflections on the Bighorn
A love affair with my favorite water
by: Scott Thompson
Every fisherman has a water that brings forth feelings not unlike those of their first love, Oakley Hole on the Bighorn River is mine.
Spinney Mountain Madness
Opening Day at a Legendary Reservoir
by: Scott Thompson (NymphManiac)
Opening day at Spinney is both a spectacle and a miracle. In this article Scott goes into both the levity of the event and the fine details of finding fish and rigging flies.
Just an Average Fisherman
Run after the dream of becoming more than just an average fisherman
by: Johnny Wimberly (JED)
Longtime FxR member and supporter Johnny "JED" Wimberly takes us through his journey over the past few years in re-discovering fishing and the bonds created on the water.
Carp on the Fly Part 2
Cloopers, Mudders, and Rooters!
by: Barry Reynolds
In part two of this fly fishing for carp series, Barry goes into detail discussing some of the easier carp to approach - mudding and rooting fish. Also included: matching the seed hatch for surface cloopers!
Chasing Master Anglers
Digging into Master Angler Data
by: David Coulson
The CDOW Master Angler program is a neat way to be rewarded for catching big fish. Dave takes it a step further in this article, presenting data from historic Awards to illustrate interesting and helpful tidbits about Colorado's biggest fish catches.
Carp on the Fly
Carp on the fly: presentation, presentation, presentation...
by: Barry Reynolds
Fly fishing for carp is more than a physical game, it is largely a mind numbing puzzle. Barry Reynolds, one of the leading advocates of this endeavor presents some of the most essential elements of turning your biglip quest into a forearm straining success.
Fly Fishing for Catfish
Understanding our Quarry
by: David Coulson
A must-read article for all catfish anglers, Dave discusses everything from common catfish misconceptions to the flies he uses to catch them. If you ever fish for cats, or are a fly fisherman looking for a unique new challenge, grab a drink and settle in for a great read...
A Case for Carp
Carp fly fishing in Colorado
by: Andrew Spinato and Mark Kyner
In this article, Longmont's Andrew Spinato and Mark Kyner argue the case for Carp, and promote the fishing for them, despite carp's stray from what are traditionally considered pretty and romantic fish.
Boyd Reservoir from a Fly Fisher's Perspective
Fly Fishing Boyd Lake
by: David Coulson
If you plan to ever fish Boyd Lake in Loveland, you will not want to miss Dave's in-depth take the lake. Geared from a fly-fishers perspective, the article details 14 hot spots in writing, pinpointed on the map.
Fall Wiper (Hybrid Bass) on the Fly
Fly fishing for wiper in cold water
by: Matt Snider
Don't put away the boat, don't put away your gear. Wiper fishing in the fall offers tremendous fights and big fat fish that will warm you on these cool crisp days. In this article Matt describes the techniques and approaches he uses fly fishing for fall wiper.
Things that go Thump in the Night
Fishing shorelines at night for Big Brown Trout
by: Bernie Keefe
Patience and a headlamp can boost your chances of landing a big brown this fall. Bernie Keefe describes his stealthy, shallow, and patient techniques for fall brown trout fishing at night.
Getting started Fly Fishing Warm Water
Turning your trout outfit towards warm water species
by: David Coulson
Don't think that fly fishing is reserved for only trout. Dave discusses the basics of warm water fly fishing in this article including why trout fly-fishermen do not have to break the bank to begin a quest for warm water species.
Moody Muddy Carp
Sight fishing carp gets tougher with poor visibilty and moody fish
by: Matt Snider
Carp are not praised by many. Warmwater flyfishing is difficult. So why not combine the two and see what you get? Often considered easy fish to catch, carp will mostly prove this theory wrong. They are largely more spooky and finicky than trout. But the payoff is in their size and strength.
The Wiper Fly Fishing Experience, Part 2
With some guidance on finding wiper, here's the rest of the story.
by: Matt Snider
Finding Wiper is perhaps the toughest part of fishing for them. Part 2 of this series delves into the gear, the flies, the presentation, the fight, and some places to find these fish in Colorado.
The Wiper Fly Fishing Experience, Part 1
Wiper on the fly in the Rockies, who could ask for more?
by: Matt Snider
Wiper fly fishing can be an exhilarating experience on some days and drive you crazy on others. This article dives into the various dynamics of the fish and aims to provide some building blocks to get you through the tough times.
Going Deep Fly Fishing
Getting down deep with fly fishing gear.
by: Jeff Wagner
Fly fishing to warmwater fish often means you will need to get deep with your flies. Jeff runs through some of the equipment and techniques of doing so in this article which is part one of a series.
Warmwater Flyfishing at the Core
Core elements of fishing will boost your fly fishing success
by: Matt Snider
Whether you are an experienced fisherman turning to fly, or a fly fisherman new to warmwater, re-visiting the core elements of angling will boost your success.
Crappie Fly Fishing with Streamers
In support of the Super Slabs
by: Matt Snider
OK so crappie may not be on your list of gamefish to conquer, but these hardy fish can prove to be a lot of fun, especially on a fly rod. So whistle your favorite family sitcom tune, sling a fly rod over your shoulder, and stroll on down to your waterin' hole for some crappie...
Wiper Watch
by: Dennis McKinney - Colorado Division of Wildlife
by: Dennis McKinney
When wipers prowl the shallows of warmwater reservoirs in spring, the elusive open-water predators bring the excitement of their speed and power within the reach of anglers on shore...
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