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Lindy Tungsten Jigs Just in Time for Ice Fishing
Lindy Tungsten Jigs Just in Time for Ice Fishing

Best Ice Fishing this Season Promises to End Two-Year Drought

FORT SMITH, Ark. - A jig is probably the most important bait an ice angler has in the tackle box. Ice fishermen know that jigs have to be tough and reliable all the while having an enticing appearance. The new tungsten jigs from LindyŽ have these qualities and more.

Tungsten is denser than lead and sinks faster. This allows anglers to get the same weight from a smaller-sized jig for finesse presentations and fewer hang-ups in heavy cover. The extra weight in the tungsten jig keeps the line tighter, eliminating slack in the line for better hook sets.

"The new Lindy Tungsten Jigs will allow the angler to keep a tight leash," said Jon Thelen, host of Lindy Fish Ed TV. "When you fish with tungsten you will not get a bow in your line like when you fish with lead. A tight line provides better sensitivity to feel the bite and makes it easier to set the hook. These jigs are designed to catch fish and keep them hooked."

The Tungsten Toad has an offset hook that will provide a tantalizing rocking motion when jigged and is available in three different hook sizes, - #10, #12 and #14. The Tungsten Bug, available in size #12 or #14 hook, has lifelike 3D eyes and the top of the jig has a flat surface, to provide optimum sonar feed back at any depth. The Tungsten Fat Boy, with size #6 or #8 hook, has a legendary shape and the large profile of the jig will make it easy for fish to find. The Tungsten Ice Worm has a segmented body and is available in three hook sizes - #6, #8, and #10.

Learn more about the new Lindy Tungsten Jigs at and

Tungsten Toad - Hook: #10, #12, #14 MSRP: $2.29
Tungsten Bug - Hook: #12, #14 MSRP: $2.29
Tungsten Fat Boy - Hook: #6, #8 MSRP: $2.29
Tungsten Ice Worm - Hook: #6, #8, #10 MSRP: $2.49

Colors: Chartreuse Glow, Chartreuse/Orange, Chartreuse/Lime, Pink Glow, Black/Chartreuse Green, Glow, Pink/Chartreuse Yellow, Brown/Orange, Coach Dog, Red Glow