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NewDoes Technology Take the Sport Out of Fishing
I'm going to admit that technology is a major part of my fishing, depth finders, modern, high tech rods, lines, and reels are just part of my equipment. Still with the advent of drones and some electronics is there a point where it's no longer sporting (Tuesday)
NewWinter Fishing
I'm not much for winter fishing, but I still have to go fishing a few times each winter. HAVE to... (Tuesday)
Tying flies is a great way to pass the winter
Colorado offers year round fishing opportunities. While open water options exist, ice fishing is fantastic in Colorado. In my case, as I've aged ice fishing hold little appeal, whereas tying flies does. (01.12.17)
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Ice Fishing with Floats
by Nate Zelinsky
Frustrated with missing light-biting fish through the ice? Nate and Stephanie go into detail about using floats to improve your hook-set success on hard water for a variety of species, and discuss basic slip-bobber choices and application.
Ice Fishing with Floats by Nate Zelinsky
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