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2011-2012 Trout Stocking Schedule
•Stocking dates are subject to change. For last-minute updates, contact the hatchery that is stocking your location. Phone numbers for hatcheries are listed at the bottom of this page.
•Neighborhood Fishin' ponds (marked with * ) will be stocked every two weeks throughout the season.
•Statewide Regulations:
◦No Minimum Length Limit Daily Bag = 5 trout
◦An angler fishing in a Community Fishing Lake (CFL) may use no more than two poles. Many trout stocking sites are classified as CFLs.
◦Trout anglers will need the $5 Freshwater Fishing Stamp, which is included in all freshwater license packages. Anglers under 17 years of age are not required to have a license and don't need to purchase a stamp. More about fishing licenses and stamps.
◦Licenses and stamps are not required when fishing within a Texas State Park.
•If you've never been trout fishing, here are some how-to tips.
. Sorted by Stocking Location | City | County

Stocking Location City Total Dates Hatchery
Ablon Park Pond [Directions] Garland 2,860 8-Jan-12, 16-Feb-12 TFFC
American Legion Park Pond [Directions] Missouri City 4,000 6-Jan-12, 3-Feb-12, 2-Mar-12 ETex
Arena Park Pond [Directions] Marshall 1,200 14-Dec-11, 4-Mar-12 TFFC
Ascarate [Directions] El Paso 6,900 14-Dec-11, 11-Jan-12, 20-Feb-12 AE Wood
Bandera City Park Lake [Directions] Bandera 1,000 1-Dec-11 AE Wood
Bane Park Lake Houston 2,278 13-Jan-12 ETex
Beal Park Lake Midland 750 18-Jan-12 PK
Bear Creek Park [Directions] Keller 3,000 22-Jan-12, 26-Feb-12 PK
Bethany Park Pond C [Directions] Allen 1,700 8-Dec-11 TFFC
Blanco State Park #4 [Directions] Blanco 4,000 8-Dec-11, 28-Dec-11, 11-Jan-12, 23-Feb-12 AE Wood
Blue Hole Park Lake [Directions] Georgetown 2,500 7-Dec-11, 11-Jan-12 AE Wood
Bob Sandlin State Park [Directions] Mt. Pleasant 2,700 15-Dec-11, 30-Jan-12, 23-Feb-12 TFFC
Brackenridge Park [Directions] San Antonio 1,850 10-Jan-12 (postponed), 8-Feb-12 AE Wood
Brentwood Park Pond Tom Green 1,000 20-Dec-11, 17-Jan-12 PK
Buena Vista Park Lake * [Directions] Waco 896 2-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March AE Wood
Buescher State Park [Directions] Smithville 2,000 8-Dec-11, 20-Dec-11 AE Wood
Bullfrog Pond * [Directions] Austin 896 2-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March AE Wood
Burke-Crenshaw Lake [Directions] Pasadena 1,500 19-Jan-12 ETex
C. J. Kelly Park Pond Midland 750 18-Jan-12 PK
Canyon Southeast Park Lake [Directions] Canyon 1,500 8-Dec-11 Dundee
Canyon Tailrace [Directions] New Braunfels 18,351 4-Dec-11, 9-Dec-11, 16-Dec-11, 23-Dec-11, 6-Jan-12, 13-Jan-12, 20-Jan-12, 27-Jan-12 AE Wood
Carl Barton Jr. Park Pond [Directions] Conroe 1,960 10-Jan-12 ETex
Cedar Hill State Park Perch Pond [Directions] Cedar Hill 1,200 10-Jan-12 TFFC
Centennial Park Lake [Directions] Friendswood 500 9-Feb-12 ETex
Central Park Pond #1 * [Directions] College Station 1,792 2-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March AE Wood
Cleburne-Hulen Park [Directions] Cleburne 1,800 14-Dec-11, 14-Feb-12 AE Wood
Comanche Trails Park Odessa 6,000 20-Dec-11, 17-Jan-12, 12-Feb-12 PK
Comanche Trails [Directions] Big Spring 5,384 13-Dec-11, 19-Jan-12, 15-Feb-12 PK
Community Park Pond [Directions] Prosper 3,550 22-Jan-12 TFFC
Copperas Cove City [Directions] Copperas Cove 800 12-Feb-12 AE Wood
Crane County Pond Crane 350 7-Dec-11 PK
Doornbos Park Nederland 500 19-Feb-12 ETex
Eisenhower Park Pond [Directions] Houston 3,000 4-Jan-12 ETex
Elder Lake [Directions] Kilgore 3,500 13-Dec-11 TFFC
Eldridge Park Pond [Directions] Sugar Land 500 1-Feb-12 ETex
Elm Creek Buffalo Wallow [Directions] Abilene 476 14-Dec-11 PK
Emory City Park Lake Emory 250 2-Feb-11 TFFC
Faulkner Park Lake [Directions] Tyler 1,700 15-Dec-11, 17-Jan-12 TFFC
First Capitol Park Pond [Directions] West Columbia 500 13-Dec-11 AE Wood
Fort Boggy State Park [Directions] Centerville 1,000 24-Jan-12 ETex
Fort Richardson State Park [Directions] Jacksboro 2,485 18-Dec-11, 15-Jan-12, 12-Feb-12 PK
Frisco Commons Pond [Directions] Frisco 3,150 5-Feb-12 TFFC
Fryer (Wolf Creek Park) [Directions] Perryton 1,200 6-Dec-11 Dundee
Garner State Park (Frio River) [Directions] Leakey 2,200 29-Dec-11, 17-Jan-12 AE Wood
Glen Rose Town Lake [Directions] Glen Rose 2,000 22-Dec-11, 20-Jan-12 PK
Greenbriar Park * [Directions] Fort Worth 1,896 1-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March TFFC
Guadalupe River (see Canyon Tailrace)
Harlingen Sports Complex [Directions] Harlingen 1,000 2-Feb-12 AE Wood
Heritage Park Lake [Directions] Mt. Pleasant 2,000 14-Dec-11, 27-Jan-12 TFFC
Hubbard City #2 Hubbard 500 21-Dec-11 TFFC
Hurst Chisholm Park * [Directions] Hurst 1,896 1-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March TFFC
Jasper City Park Pond [Directions] Jasper 1,800 22-Jan-12 ETex
Johnson Branch 2 [Directions] Sanger 1,000 18-Dec-11 TFFC
Keneteso Pond [Directions] Gainesville 3,250 15-Jan-12 TFFC
Kennedale City Park [Directions] Kennedale 1,700 18-Jan-12 TFFC
LNVA Barrier Pond [Directions] Beaumont 4,000 20-Dec-11, 18-Jan-12 ETex
Lake Corpus Christi [Directions] Mathis 1,350 29-Jan-12 AE Wood
Lakeside Park * [Directions] Duncanville 1,896 1-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March TFFC
Lakeside Park Pond Nacogdoches 769 22-Jan-12 ETex
Lakeview Park Pond Corpus Christi 500 24-Jan-12 AE Wood
Lamesa 9th Street Park [Directions] Lamesa 4,000 7-Dec-11, 1-Feb-12 Dundee
Landmark Inn State Historic Site [Directions] Castroville 1,000 26-Feb-12 AE Wood
Lewisville Tailrace (Elm Fork Trinity River) [Directions] Lewisville 2,938 16-Dec-11, 13-Jan-12 TFFC
Live Oak City Pond [Directions] San Antonio 800 15-Dec-11, 10-Jan-12 AE Wood
Llano River (Grenwelge Park) Llano 800 21-Dec-11 AE Wood
Lost Maples State Natural Area - Lower [Directions] Vanderpool 300 17-Jan-12 AE Wood
Louise Hays Park [Directions] Kerrville 2,200 13-Dec-11, 24-Jan-12 AE Wood
Lower Overton [Directions] Overton 1,400 19-Jan-12 TFFC
Magnolia Ridge Pond Woodville 1,800 7-Dec-11 TFFC
Mary Jo Peckham Park * [Directions] Houston 3,160 2-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March AE Wood
Medical Center South * [Directions] Amarillo 4,424 1-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March Dundee
Meredith Stilling Basin [Directions] Stanford 2,000 8-Dec-11, 1-Feb-12 Dundee
Meridian State Park [Directions] Meridian 1,800 11-Jan-12 AE Wood
Mesquite City Lake * [Directions] Mesquite 3,160 1-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March TFFC
Mike Lewis Park [Directions] Grand Prairie 3,300 16-Feb-12, 4-Mar-12 PK
Miller Park Pond Temple 1,000 22-Dec-11, 24-Jan-12 AE Wood
Miller's Pond * [Directions] San Antonio 3,792 1-Dec-11 and continuing every two weeks until early March AE Wood
Nelson Park Abilene 1,500 14-Dec-11 PK
New Horseshoe [Directions] Rosenberg 1,000 12-Jan-12 ETex
Nolan Creek [Directions] Belton 2,000 17-Dec-11, 7-Feb-12 AE Wood
Northwest Park Pond [Directions] Irving 3,100 4-Jan-12, 5-Feb-12 TFFC
Pair-a-Trees Pond [Directions] Wills Point 500 19-Feb-12 TFFC
Palmetto State Park [Directions] Luling 574 15-Jan-12 AE Wood
Pampa City [Directions] Pampa City 2,000 8-Dec-11, 16-Feb-12 Dundee
Pena Colorado Marathon 500 21-Dec-11 PK
Pittsburg City Lake [Directions] Pittsburg 2,000 15-Dec-11, 19-Feb-12 TFFC
Plum Lake [Directions] Wichita Falls 1,000 4-Mar-12 Dundee
Possum Kingdom Tailrace [Directions] Graford 6,000 6-Dec-11, 20-Dec-11, 10-Jan-12, 31-Jan-12 PK
Resoft Park Lake [Directions] Alvin 500 6-Dec-11 AE Wood
Rita Blanca Kids Fishing Pond [Directions] Dalhart 3,160 13-Dec-11, 7-Feb-12 Dundee
River Park Clear Fork Trinity River [Directions] Fort Worth 2,500 5-Jan-12 PK
Rose Park [Directions] Mansfield 1,200 2-Dec-11 PK
San Gabriel Park [Directions] Georgetown Stocking relocated to Blue Hole Park AE Wood
Seabourne Creek P [truncated for length]