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Big Bass, Big Bluegills, Good Fishing Trip

by: Lloyd Tackitt 11/12/2017
Caught this bass today.  Two photos of the same bass.  The rod handle from butt to tip is 10 1/4 inches and my sandal is a 9 1/2.  My sandal should be about 12" long, most of my shoes are.  I'm guessing this bass is in the 8 to 10 pound range, although I didn't have scales with me.  It was too far back to the house to keep him in good condition just to weigh him so I released him on the spot, in good shape.

The blue gill is one of six I caught in this size.  These have the short ear flaps that are black with a rim of red.  They were all about 10 inches long and thick and heavy bodied.  They would have been a superb eating size had I been in the mood for bluegill.  But alas, I wasn't, so they too were released in good shape.  

That bass put up a tremendous fight, and so did the gills.

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