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Moon Phases - fishing

by: Dave Mauldin 4/1/2017
Recently Lloyd mentioned tides/moon phases....
Courtesy of
following is a link you might find helpful

We generally go fishing when we can, but if you can plan trips any of the three days
prior to the full have a better chance.
In the hot summer time, I like to night fish these three nights....for a couple of reasons.
Fishing is good, you got a little light over your shoulder, and it's cool...oops that's three.
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Member comments
opencage, CO   4/2/2017 10:15:29 AM
Yeah, fish when you can, but I'll occasionally consult something like this to see if I can expect one type of fishing or another. And of course Matt has the moon phase on the left bar of the site and there's weather, wind, etc. buttons for the lake pages as well.
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   4/4/2017 8:59:05 AM
While I don't plan fishing around anything other than the ability to go and the urge to fish - I find the various factors that affect the fish bite to be fascinating. From tidal pulls on the earth's crust to varying degrees of ambient magnetism to barometric pressure...
Walleye Guy, CO   4/4/2017 10:49:56 AM
I recall reading in In fIsherman about 25 years ago that half of the record fish were caught within 3 days before and 3 days after the full and dark moons. By my count that is 14 days, about half of a month. That means that the other half were caught with no moon influence. I've caught plenty of walleye without a walleye chop, plenty of muskies on hot sunny days. My biggest trout was caught with my shadow right over the pool. My point, get out and fish. My only caveat was a mid to late October full moon, that did seems to Bring a consistent walleye bite in Minnesota. WG
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