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What are the bass doing in Texas now?

by: Dave Mauldin 3/29/2017
About 3 weeks ago a good group of creek spawning fish left overnight, and they are not coming back till next year....
So here we go toward the main lake, where deep water keeps the water temp cooler, and these deep water fish spawn later...
Last evening I entered a jackpot tournament against 25 two-man teams. I fished by myself and came in third,  in the money as they paid three places. I targeted the shallow ends of docks near deep water on the main lake.
Next Tues I'm going to do it again, and see if I can win the thing.
Don't think the spawn is over just because it seems over up the creeks.....there will be another
surge with this upcoming full moon....and it's the one I like. for large bass that live in the deep parts of the lake year round, and are not fished for that much.....they tend to get bigger that way. They are more scattered but can be a Lone Star Lunker !
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Member comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   3/30/2017 7:29:39 AM
Congratulations on the win! I'm betting you do well all year long. You do have a way of being objective about where and how to fish, and it is a lot of fun to hear you discussing it!
Dave Mauldin
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