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Imitating Good Fishing Techniques

by: Lloyd Tackitt 8/8/2014
One of the best ways to improve your fishing is to Imitate good fishing techniques used by other fishermen.  I'll give two examples.

When I was ten years old my dad was stationed in Okinawa - he was in the Air Force.  There was a beautiful beach within easy walking distance of our house.  There was a coral reef about two hundred feet from the beach that was exposed on top during low tide.  The reef was full of holes, big ones, small ones, shallow ones and some so deep you couldn't see the bottom.  In those holes were thousands of gorgeously colored and configured fish.  These were the kind of fish you'd want in an aquarium.  And in fact a whole lot of people that visited that beach had salt water aquariums and would catch those fish for that purpose.

Soon after we moved there we decided to have an aquarium.  We went out on the reef at low tide and joined several dozen other people there to catch some of these fish.  But they were out there with little aquarium nets trying to catch fish, and given their short range of motion, the speed of the fish, and the endless little hiding places the fish could get into, they were not very successful at catching the fish.

My mom had a better way.  She brought a quart mason jar, some fishing line, and some cornmeal.  She tied the line around the jar, put a pinch of cornmeal in it, filled it with water and sank it down to where the fish were, then waited until a fish or fishes entered the jar to eat the cornmeal, and pulled it up quickly by the fishing line.  Voila, fish in a jar.  It was fast, easy, and worked even way down in the deep holes.  A couple of days pass and we go back to the beach to swim and it's low tide.  There are people all over the reef with quart mason jars catching fish.  They'd seen, comprehended, and imitated.

The second example is a bit more relevant and a lot more recent.  Dave and I fished together this past spring on Lake Fork in the Bass On The Fly Tournament.  I fly fish, but I've never really fly fished with anyone else.  I've seen it on television a few times and paid attention and learned what I could, but that's not nearly the same as being with someone who is skilled.  I watched Dave closely, and I not only learned how to cast fifty percent further than I ever had before, but I learned a seriously good lesson about setting the hook on a bass striking a top water fly.  I learned a multitude of things actually and my fishing experiences since then have been much better than before.  I imitate what I saw Dave do because what he was doing worked better than what I was doing.

So, if there is a moral to this story it is to get a better fisherman than you to go fishing with you, and then watch him like a hawk, ask questions, and imitate imitate imitate.  Thanks Dave, you wouldn't believe how many more fish I catch now.
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Member comments
Hawaiian Punch, CO   8/8/2014 5:20:04 PM
When I was 8yrs old my mother had gone shopping and on the way home we stopped at Washington park so I could check out the guys fishing,I walked around the lake till I saw a guy catch a fish . . .the next day I was back and I did everything I had seen the day before . . . . .fish on! (I then had to ask the guy next to me how to clean a fish) Point being . . .Imitation is the greatest compliment/flattery(don't be afraid to improve or modify to suit your situation)
anglerwannabe, CO   8/8/2014 6:07:21 PM
I've fished with Dave. It is indeed a learning experience and a very valuable one.
Lloyd Tackitt
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