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Old/New School Fishing

by: Lloyd Tackitt 7/11/2014

As the sayin goes, "I'm Old School."  I really am, and I'm actually proud of it.  Being old school is to be one with your values, and we learn our values in our youth.  My values were instilled in me by old school parents, you know the kind that whipped you hard, loved you hard, and let you be your own person.  I learned my values by emulating my parents, and grand parents.  I took everything I learned from my siblings and cousins with a large grain of salt.  I must admit though that my badder habits have come from swallowing that salt on occasion.

I learned to fish old school.  A cane pole, cork bobber, hook and some form of bait.  Minnows, crawdads, worms, grasshoppers, snails and so on.  And consequently I caught an awful lot of fish. 

In my middle years I got into bass fishing in a big way, and I specialized in top waters early and late and plastic worms in between.  And consequently I caught a lot of fish.

In my recent years I have morphed into a fly fisherman, but an old school fly fisherman.  My grandmother was given a fly rod, with automatic reel, for a Christmas present and she used it exactly like a cane pole, with an extended reach.  She loved that reach too.  And consequently she caught a lot of fish.

For the past six months or so I've been fly fishing with an imitation minnow.  A plastic bait made by gulp.  The 1" minnow.  And consequently I've caught a lot of fish.

I am doing very much what my grandmother did, at the high point of my learning curve in fishing, I'm fishing old/new school style.  I've gone back to old school, grandma's way, with new technology.  And I've caught an awful lot of fish doing it. 

But I have to tell you, if my grandmother was doing the same thing I'm doing, side by side of me, she'd out fish me ten to one.  She had a "knack" for catching fish that I've never seen equaled.

I know there are purists out  there shuddering at this blog, but I'll bet if they come down to my river and fish beside me I'll out fish them ten to one.  I'll catch a lot of fish and they won't.

So, give old school a thought now and then.  It often works where nothing else can, or will.  Think old school, and apply it to your fishing techniques and see what happens.

I'm betting you'll catch a lot of fish.

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Member comments
Attila64, TX   7/12/2014 5:35:41 AM
Don't worry too much about the purists. They are usually the ones hugging the water cooler and talking smack while the rest are actually fishing. Then the purist part melts away when they see everyone else using whatever works and joins in. At this point they become converts and laugh at the purists and their prior selves just like the rest of us have. This reminds me of catching trout with can corn and hot dogs as a kid.
Lloyd Tackitt
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