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Nutrition, sanity and being a guy

Guest Blog by: Chris McKee 5/14/2014
Well the season is going along and you have honed your tackle box down to the bare essentials and gear cleaned and operating properly. The new fishing shirts your wife bought you are still in the closet partial due to you have your favorite good luck shirt already and the only reason you let her buy the shirts was to occupy her time while you loaded up the cart with fishing goodies. Beside who is fooling who if you believe she will let you out of the house to go fishing in your new shirt anyways.

As you load the gear in the car you remember last week when you had left some of the bait overnight in the car when you came back and she had found it for you. The terror of this memory makes you reassess the requirements and to place the bait up front with you so if it goes bad you will have ample time to eliminate the evidence before the significant other finds it again.

Everything is planned out perfectly for your trip but the fishing deities' always need a small sacrifice per trip in the form of something forgotten. Through proper planning and imagination this can be overcome with the ability to fake remembering to bring the lovely sandwich your wife had made just for you to take. Since you have remembered everything important to bring along you head out early before the wife gets out of bed. Sometimes I wonder if the reason we go early in the morning is to get out before she wakes up. 

Now you are moving toward the spot and realize it would probably be a good idea to ensure availability of a balanced nutrition supply. Yeah right, its fishing time buddy which means fast food for a fast guy. Name your poison doughnuts, jerky, chips etc. Its time to accept your place as a predator and shred the plastic skins off a bag of pork rinds to build up the energy required to complete your mission of the day as well as cover your scent in a coating of tasty goodness which should also attract the fish better. Time to be one with nature, after all the methane pockets in the mud aren't the only thing that can bubble the water.

This behavior may be considered hazardous to your health if you did it everyday however this is a once in awhile escape from the busy lives we all lead and so a personal celebration is in order if you know what I mean.
If you have to work your butt off to go fishing then its not fishing. Ever notice the gas stations closer to the lake have the best selection of fried foods available. So get an order of gizzards and hot sauce and hit the water like a boss, its your day.
Have lived in all over the United States and served in the Marines in Asia. I have fished all these regions for almost anything that will bite Salmon, Trout, Walleye, Yellow Perch,Cusk, Carp, Crappie, Blue Gill, White Bass Pickerel, Cod, Rock Cod, Halibut, Flownder and many others. By the graces of the almighty it came to be I am now and plan on forever more being a citizen of the Great State of Texas. My favorite fish to go after are catfish especially the big Blues. Pound for pound I believe they are the strongest I have ever had the pleasure to fish for. I am also fond of White Bass and someday soon hope to start catching alligator gar.
Blog content © Chris McKee
Member comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   5/14/2014 10:48:38 AM
Spot On Attila!
opencage, CO   5/15/2014 11:34:40 AM
Jerky is what I always have with me. Ideally I'll remember something slightly healthier like a sandwich, but I always have Jerky. Thanks Chris, good stuff.
panfishin, CO   5/15/2014 12:48:32 PM
dang it now i'm hungry for some beef jerky! good read.
anglerwannabe, CO   5/15/2014 2:50:56 PM
fun read Chris.
JKaboom, CO   5/15/2014 9:08:41 PM
For me it's Jerky, roasted salted peanuts in the shell, those little packs of cracker sandwiches, sports drinks and water. If I am feeling really deluxe I grab some marked down refrigerated fried chicken from the grocery store. Great BLOG!!
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   5/16/2014 7:55:37 AM
Microwave Burritos!!!
lewdog, CO   5/16/2014 11:04:59 AM
Good read. I am pretty sure the getting out way too early before the wife wakes up is too insure your day of fishing will start off good.
Dangly, CO   5/16/2014 11:21:09 AM
water, nature valley peanut butter granola bars, fruit leathers. all can keep in the back pack or float tube for an entire season.
Chris McKee (Attila64), TX   5/17/2014 10:53:53 AM
Ever been guilty of having to get the wrappers and grease stained boxes out of the passengers side floor board when you get home?
Raskal, CO   5/17/2014 8:53:47 PM
Uhhhhh ... bacon chip fritters from the Donut Mill in Woodland Park .... can't drive past 'em !!
Chris McKee
Guest Blogger