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The New Fly Rod

by: Lloyd Tackitt 5/5/2014
I bought a new fly rod, and reel.  It's a 9', 8wt - stiff action.  I purchased it for the bass tournament on Lake Fork at the end of the month.  I also bought a large arbor reel and line and some big honking flys.

I took it for a test spin on the Brazos yesterday.  The salesman at Cabellas "Will", said that it would cast well in the wind, and since this will also be my saltwater rig whenever I do get down to the coast he said that would be important.  Apparently the wind blows a lot down there.  Perfect for my test drive the wind was howling yesterday.  

True to Will's word, I was able to cast these great big heavy flys right into the teeth of the hurricane that was whipping up.  Not a huge distance mind you, but far enough, about 400 yards or so.  Just kidding.  More or less about the same as I would have cast my regular rod and fly in normal conditions, so not bad at all.  The flys I tried were each about six inches long and caught more wind than a parachute, but I was able to get them on out there.

If you're ever in Waco and happen into Cabellas, look for Will in the fly fishing section - he really knows his stuff and has fly fished all over the country.  Get him to tell you about his Snake River fishing, you'll enjoy it.  My wife finally gave up and went out to wait in the car - that's a first - I'm always the one that gives up and waits in the car.  Will can tell a great story while spooling up a reel for you.
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Member comments
anglerwannabe, CO   5/5/2014 12:34:46 PM
congratulations on the new setup. When you feel like you've gotten really good at casting into the wind, come on up here to CO and we'll introduce you to South Park and a couple other places. loll
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   5/5/2014 2:13:17 PM
I was visiting my brother when he lived up in the mountains behind Lyons, about 10 years ago I think, and we went to a nearby lake. It was so windy that seagulls were using JATO's to head into the wind. It was so windy that tomorrow blew by before we realized that the day after was in front of it.
Lloyd Tackitt
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