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Night Fishing

by: Lloyd Tackitt 4/25/2014

I used to fish at night as much as I did in the daytime.  A lot, in other words.  Nowdays not so much.  Not sure why but it doesn't appeal to me the way it once did.  Probably has something to do with being a lot younger back then.

Night fishing wasn't something I ever did alone either, it was always done with a partner.  Usually my oldest brother, but sometimes other people.  Out of necessity it was also a Friday or Saturday night kind of thing - it's not much fun to stay up all night fishing just to go to work.  Even when I was young I had better sense than that.

We fished for two types of fish at night, catfish or carp.  And it was one or the other, not both at the same time.  Two different types of bait and two different types areas so there wasn't much overlap.  For carp we used a cornmeal based bait, lobbed it out and let it set on the bottom.  The line was pulled off in a small slack loop and a twig placed on the line to show when it moved, even just a tiny bit.  The bail was left open because if you weren't paying real strict attention a fast hitting carp could (and a couple of times did) pull the fishing pole off into the water. 

Catfish were fished for pretty much the same way except using liver or stinkbait or cut bait or even minnows sometimes.  Or there was trot lining.  We trot lined about as much as we used poles when after catfish.  Trot lining kept you a bit busier.

The best time of year for this was winter.  Winter was best because the snakes weren't very active.  The fish didn't bite nearly as well in the winter, but that was okay, we weren't after tons of fish, we were after a night out fishing.  Fishing without snakes is a plus.  Spring, summer, fall are great too - but you really have to watch out for the water moccasins.  They are drawn to light, which means they are drawn to where you're sitting near your lantern.  Kind of helps you to stay awake though.

Some of the slowest, and best, conversations I've ever had were while night fishing.  Something about the night's darkness, the quiet sounds of frogs and crickets, maybe the hooting of the occasional owl makes you talk slower, and listen better.  

Sipping whisky doesn't hurt a thing when you go night fishing either. 

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Member comments
Attila64, TX   4/25/2014 12:39:11 PM
Loved the last sentence. Excellent close sir.
oley, CO   4/25/2014 12:51:20 PM
Kentucky blend or my favorite, Scotch. I personally go night fishing alone. That is until I went to a local reservoir in a tube fishing for browns - and a beaver snuck in behind me and made an explosion that quite sounded like I was being bombed and made a quiet, starry night even too much for me. I still go alone but no longer in my tube - that's a two person trip nowadays... Getting smarter in my old age.
Attila64, TX   4/25/2014 1:31:35 PM
Oley, you need to write up that experience for us. I am laughing with you on this one already.
anglerwannabe, CO   4/25/2014 2:36:51 PM
a little Blantons please
JOHN_COSprings, CO   4/25/2014 3:30:48 PM
Only been night fishing the once, which is weird, as some of the best carp fishing can be had overnight. Perhaps once I find a few more night owl bank companions I shall once again hit the waters under cover of darkness.
Flyrodn, CO   4/25/2014 3:34:35 PM
Night fishing brings back a lot of good memories, and yes whisky was involved in a few. I still enjoy night fishing from a tube, but care is needed on waters where boating is allowed. Most of my night fishing is the Full Moon Open. I fly fish it, a bit more challenging after the sun sets, even if the moon is out.
creole, CO   4/25/2014 6:45:17 PM
I was night fishing at chatfield awhile back in the catfish flats area in my belly boat when a sailboat came within 5 ft of running me over. Havnt night fished there since
Lloyd Tackitt
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