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Channel Cat Stocking Begins Tomorrow!

by: Lloyd Tackitt 4/24/2014

Channel cat stockings will take place every two weeks through the summer and fall except during August, when high water temperatures may limit fish survival.  This is a program called "Neighborhood Fishin" and is designed to make fishing accessible to tens of thousands - perhaps even 100,000 this year - of people that ordinarily wouldn't otherwise go fishing.

Neighborhood Fishin’ aims to give Texas families a good place to fish close to where they live. More than 80,000 people a year participate in the program, and about half of those are children or adults who are new to fishing.

Local sponsors play a key role in the Neighborhood Fishin’ program by providing funds to purchase additional fish beyond those made possible by statewide support from the Texas Bass Classic Foundation and the federal Sport Fish Restoration Program. Cities and counties where Neighborhood Fishin’ lakes are located purchase some fish in addition to providing facilities at the sites.

Stocking is a key component of Neighborhood Fishin’, since it provides a constant supply of catchable, eating-size fish. The goal is to encourage families to bring their kids for a fun, outdoor fish-catching experience where they can harvest a few fish and take them home to eat. Channel catfish are stocked from April through October, and rainbow trout are stocked in winter months.

For more information on the Neighborhood Fishin’ program, including locations and directions, tackle loaner programs where available, instructional fishing videos, fishing regulations and program partners, visit

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Member comments
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   4/24/2014 1:07:21 PM
Trout in the winter and catfish in the summer - gotta love it.
Lloyd Tackitt
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