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What Do You Notice?

by: Lloyd Tackitt 4/2/2014

I drive to and from work on what we all euphemistically call "auto-pilot".  If you have been driving for more than a week you will know exactly what I mean.  Driving along with luridly three-dimensional thoughts completely irrelevant to driving flowing through your mind like a big screen move.  The subconcious still somehow aware of all that is happening around it and able to react just as though it was fully concious of the situation - when in fact it clearly isn't.  I have tried on occasion to be completely aware and not in that auto-pilot mode.  It's about as easy as staying awake when you're exhausted.  Our minds just get bored easily I'm afraid.  I can do it in short bursts but before you know it I'm watching movie loops again.

I've noticed the same effect sometimes when I am fishing.  Not nearly as bad, not nearly as often, but sometimes I'll be casting along on auto-pilot instead of being "in the moment".  I think being in the moment when fishing is a very fine place to be.  It's not hard to be or to stay there, not like when driving.  Being in the moment let's you see, and more critically, register at some level what you have seen.  A lilly pad moves a bit for no reason.  This alerts you, again at some deep level, and you conciously realize that there is something under the water that moved that pad.  A ginormous bass (or musky, or...) could be lurking right...there!

Armed with that observation you cast a rubber frog on top of that lilly pad and wait a full minute, then slowly, carefully, pull on the line to slip that frog off the lilly pad and into the water where you twitch it very slightly...exactly...once...and...wait...ready to snap into action, trembling on the cusp of expectation, all adrenaline hands are on deck at battle you are in the moment now, big time.

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Member comments
opencage, CO   4/11/2014 4:19:06 PM
I was thinking something along the same lines recently. I keep going out and fishing the same way as I have for a while, half on auto-pilot, half because it worked last fall. This is dumb. Like you said Lloyd, sometimes blinking "awake" and realizing I'm not paying attention and not catching anything is what I need to do to get back on the fish.
Flyrodn, CO   4/11/2014 4:51:38 PM
When I'm fishing, I rarely go on auto pilot, unless of course I'm catching. I constantly think about what's going, birds, insects, wind direction, water temp, fish activity, you name it. Always trying to piece together a pattern.
Lloyd Tackitt
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