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Survivng Marriage as a Fisherman 4 part 2

Guest Blog by: Chris McKee 3/26/2014
As luck would have it you finish her reel just in time to prevent her from crash testing your reel with a rock. In one fluid motion you snatch the rock from her hand, replace it with her rod, spin her 180 degrees and sit her down. She looks at you with confusion then stays quiet for about 10 seconds before she reminds you of moms snack schedule and your failure to meet expectations. Now is when the power deals come into play. Behavior for food, Pavlov's child psychology. So a deal is bargained, if she stays still long enough to get the gear together and loaded back in the truck we can hit both crispy cream and McDonalds on the way home.

As you load the gear you find she is content as long as she is moving and staying active so you take a walk with her where both of you have a wonderful time and get to enjoy the outdoors together minus the sharp objects. As true to form you wormed your way out of the crispy cream part of the deal but did make the McDonalds promise come true. Now the golden moment when father and daughter have their first secret together. Do not tell mommy about McDonalds love. She smiles with pride that you both have a secret.

The 2 of you have been gone long enough to convince anyone you had been on the water all day. When questioned on the lack of fish you advise they were not really biting but she had hooked into a big one that worked its way off the hook. Wife knowing she is not going to get anything close to the real story out of you then asks the daughter what she enjoyed the most during the day. This is when your daughter with the biggest innocent smile spills the beans to momma all about the Happy meal and play ground at McDonalds.

This is usually followed up with the comment so this is why no one is hungry after all the hard work I have done all day. Then, you ate all the snack I gave you as well? Awe, the balance of life. Your spouses disappointment fades quickly as she realizes you have expended the little ones energy and now your daughter needs to be carried to bed and will sleep all night long dreaming about catching Mc-Nuggets on the banks of the golden arches with papa again.
Have lived in all over the United States and served in the Marines in Asia. I have fished all these regions for almost anything that will bite Salmon, Trout, Walleye, Yellow Perch,Cusk, Carp, Crappie, Blue Gill, White Bass Pickerel, Cod, Rock Cod, Halibut, Flownder and many others. By the graces of the almighty it came to be I am now and plan on forever more being a citizen of the Great State of Texas. My favorite fish to go after are catfish especially the big Blues. Pound for pound I believe they are the strongest I have ever had the pleasure to fish for. I am also fond of White Bass and someday soon hope to start catching alligator gar.
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Chris McKee
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