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Survivng Marriage as a Fisherman 4 part 1

Guest Blog by: Chris McKee 3/26/2014
You find yourself Mid-way into spring where the weather is warm during the day and getting to the fishing hole early only requires a wind breaker to stay comfortable. Your oldest child has just reached the age of 3 and a half and your spouse has decided she needs a break from the child for the day why not take your daughter fishing she sounds out. Ok, sheepishly you were hoping to run off and spend the day doing what most anglers do best, napping on the bank in the warm sun with no worries. However, it would be great to teach her all the little secret tricks and techniques you as an angling Ninja have developed over the years and turn her into your personal fishing buddy. Tears of joy start flowing as you realize the legacy will live on in the education of what is right and wholesome by taking your child fishing.

As expected things are taking a little more time as you prepare for the trip. Now your spouse needs to teach you all the little nuances to each piece of clothing the child is wrapped in and how to adjust or remove incase of weather or emergency. A detailed list of snacks and feeding schedule then the first aid kit and lunch cooler. As each piece of gear is added you are calculating a balance between what gear of yours will have to be left behind and realistic access to all your holes. This takes a few minutes to figure out which place presents the strategic location to take the kid fishing.

Now the marketing geniuses knowing how to catch their prey better than the best of anglers cast a snoopy pole perfectly in front of your loving spouse. Who through love of her tribe purchases said snoopy pole for her daughter to be geared up with dad on the water. First thing you realize is you need to gear up the pole first, once at the hole. This is the 5 minutes or so the daughter is interested in fishing the first time. As you teach her to cast you find some twisted individual has gone out of their way to find the absolute worst fishing line to over fill the snoopy reel.
You spend the next 10 minutes correcting the reel to where you can salvage the day.

As usual while fixing the reel and being 5-6 hands short of what is needed to safely accomplish the repair, your focus wanders slightly from the daughter to your personal safety. As you find yourself in a booby trap that would make Ho Chi Min proud. About this time for reasons never to be understood the daughter takes interest in your fishing rod and starts to flail it around like a sword and she is a pirate. Suddenly she freezes as she see's the look in your eyes as you remove the hooks, one from your rod and the other from hers out of some very sensitive areas on your person. For some reason she picks up quick that something is not right and behaves just long enough to falsely convince you she understands the importance of staying put a few minutes.

Have lived in all over the United States and served in the Marines in Asia. I have fished all these regions for almost anything that will bite Salmon, Trout, Walleye, Yellow Perch,Cusk, Carp, Crappie, Blue Gill, White Bass Pickerel, Cod, Rock Cod, Halibut, Flownder and many others. By the graces of the almighty it came to be I am now and plan on forever more being a citizen of the Great State of Texas. My favorite fish to go after are catfish especially the big Blues. Pound for pound I believe they are the strongest I have ever had the pleasure to fish for. I am also fond of White Bass and someday soon hope to start catching alligator gar.
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Chris McKee
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