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First Time Ever

by: Lloyd Tackitt 11/23/2013

So last week my wife casually drops into an otherwise unrelated discussion that she wants to go fishing with me. Then she kept talking about the original subject and I just stared at her. It was like seeing, really seeing, a subliminal message. Doubting my own sanity I watched and waited. The next day she dropped it in again. Okay, now I know it's her and not me that's taken a high dive off a short cliff.  Progress.

Now that I know I'm sane I can actually start to talk about it with her.  Pretty soon we have a fishing date for Saturday morning.  I'm telling you that up to that moment she had exhibited nothing remotely resembling someone that once upon a time thought it might just be fun to go fishing.  I don't think the thought had ever crossed her mind, not even once in her entire life.  And I know this woman, I know her so well it can be downright spooky sometimes.  But this...this came from completely nowhere. 

I expected her to back out, she didn't.  She told me that she was going to bait her own hook, put worms on a hook mind you - something that helped drive me to artificial baits because I hate having sticky fingers -, and take any fish she caught off the hook herself.  In other words I was not to bother her.  In other-other words, she did not want to be a pain in my ass while I was trying to fish.  Reality was getting a little shaky for me again.  Could this be a long term hallucination?  Maybe I was really strapped down in a bed in a mental institution hallucinating this?  But being the brave and proud fishing warrior and ninja husband that I am, I threw out my chest and strode quickly into the river.  Hell, I almost caught up with her too.

I showed her to the squirrel hole, a sweet as candy little fishing spot that you'll ever find.  It's a small pool, maybe thirty feet straight across and a hundred-fifty feet long.  Clear water, gravel bottom, some brush against the bank and overhanging tree limbs.  The river was down low so it was smaller, and shallower, but still would hold some nice fish.  The trick to catching them is to stay as far from the trees as possible and try to cast under them.  There's a lot of flys still hooked into those tree branches. soon as we get there my wife wades right out into the middle of the pool, standing almost under the tree limbs.  I grinned like a possum eating bumblebees.  I was careful not to laugh, because this had to be an emotionally sensitive situation.  I don't know why it would be, but my intincts are usually right and I go with them.  So I didn't laugh, or offer any kind of advice at all other than to answer an occasional question.

She caught some fish too.  And I could see that steel trap close firmly, if pleasurably, over her foot.  She caught enough to bolster her confidence that she could catch fish, and she'd felt the thrill - oh yes, she felt the thrill.  I knew then that a fisherman had been born and I had been blessed to see it.  Oddly she caught more than I did, but I place blame on the fact that I was having more fun watching her than I was fishing.  She was beauty personified wading in that clear water and laughing then cursing then groaning then laughing again.  At one point she had her llne tangled in a tree limb with an unhappy bluegill dancing on her hook two feet out of the water. I've never seen that before, it was amazing. And you know what? To top that off she got the line untangled and took the fish off the hook by herself, after of course putting a worm on a hook. 

And I fell in love all over again.




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Member comments
Bassnfly, CA   11/24/2013 1:29:34 PM
Very nice, LT. My wife usually outfishs me, as well.
opencage, CO   11/25/2013 12:28:07 PM
GREAT story Lloyd. I've been trying to get my wife out fishing with me for years. The closest I get is she'll join me on the boat to read if it's warmer than 75 and the wind is down. I know this is the worse kind of cliche, but you got a keeper there, congrats!
Bassackwards, CO   11/25/2013 12:36:25 PM
Lucky dog. I think my wife would be more into it if the fish slept in and did bite until 11am. My wife said she will fish a jack and jill bass tourney with me this year, as long as I remove the fish she catches.....fair enough.
Flyrodn, CO   11/25/2013 12:40:28 PM
Last time my wife fished with me was on the ice, Crawford. She caught a 13 pound catfish through the ice and said she'd go again when I caught a bigger one through the ice. Hasn't gone since!
Bassackwards, CO   11/25/2013 12:45:12 PM
one more thing LLoyd...she's plotting something. Next time she wants to go to a craft fair, antiqueing, yard sales know you're a gonner. She will hold this over you for a bit. LOL
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   11/25/2013 1:04:06 PM
She IS a keeper. But now I have this wild, exotic fantasy. Maybe some day she'll want to clean fish too. Well, it's an impossible fantasy, but I like it.
FishingApex, CO   11/25/2013 10:51:34 PM
That's great. My wife went fishing with once on the boat and I had to take her to the dock so she would quit getting "sea" sick.
Lloyd Tackitt
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