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Recommended Camera for Fishing?

by: Lloyd Tackitt 11/18/2013
Looks like I need a new camera to carry fishing.  Any suggestions?  Price under $100, I'm not a pro and don't intend to become one.  It needs to be compact and lightweight and prefferably water proof.
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Flyrodn, CO   11/18/2013 9:15:13 AM
I'm not the best one to ask on this question, as I have to rigs. A very nice Nikon body with a complement of lens that I carry when I'm doing a story or plan on taking the time to work at picture taking. Most times I carry an Olympus waterproof/shock proof. Expensive, but bullit proof. The only thing I learned was to attach a "life jacket" to it. Lost one to the bottom of a lake after dropping it. Great otherwise as you slide it in your vest, if it fall out and hits the ground, no problem, takes shots underwater, etc. But it ran over 4 bills.
Lloyd Tackitt
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