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The Fishing Has Been Outstanding!

by: Lloyd Tackitt 10/17/2013

With all the weather fronts that have come through recently the fishing has been crazy good.  We've had so many fronts come through the last two weeks that they've been hard to keep up with.  They've come in rapidly and and in multiple types. 

This last rain we had was long enough and heavy enough that we finally got some runoff from the creeks into the river, turning it muddy, which just kills the fishing.  The river rose seven feet overnight during the last rain.  It's been really good to see.

I've gone out and caught so many fish that I didn't even try to keep count.  A lot of bass, lot more than usual too.  The river water has cooled off quite a bit.  Two weeks ago the water was warmer than body temperature, but about a week ago the water was cool.  Didn't slow the fishing down a bit either.

Friend of mine gave me a package of Gulp 1" chartreuse minnows.  Told me he tried them up river near Granbury and caught a fish every two casts.  This in an area he has fished several times with little luck.  I'll be trying them out Saturday and I'm pumped, they look like really good bait.  I plan to hook them onto little tiny jig heads and dragging them across the bottom, and trying some with just a hook to let them stay up near the top.

Hope all of you had as good fishing results over the past two weeks as I've had - would love to hear how you did.

I'll let you know how the gulp minnows work out as soon as I can.





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