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Another Weekend Front Coming

by: Lloyd Tackitt 10/2/2013

Another front is expected Friday night in Texas.  Timing is of course dependent on where you live in the state.  Here, near Lake Whitney, it's expected to come in sometime Friday night.  The low Friday night will be in the low 60's.  Saturday the high will be 75 with a low of 51.  Chance of rain Friday and Saturday is only 20% so it's expected to be a fairly dry front. 

The barometric pressure forecast indicates that the pressure will slightly rise with this front from Friday night through Sunday afternoon, beginning to drop around 10am Sunday.  Beginning at a predicted 29.86 Friday night, and ending with a high point of 30.10 at 10am on Sunday.

Excellent fishing could begin Friday during the later part of the day.  Depending on circumstances and causations that we can only guess at fishing may continue to be excellent Saturday.  Sunday afternoon when the pressure begins to drop would normally indicate another feeding frenzy point.   Generally speaking rising pressure reduces the catch, but a slight rise such as this can have the opposite effect, sometimes, in some places.  Or at least that's been my experience. 

Pressure rise and drop affects shallow water fish the most, and shallow water is where I fish.  Fish in deeper water are less affected, so if you're fishing deep you probably won't see much difference.  When the pressure begins to drop Sunday afternoon, think about moving to shallow water for better fishing opportunities.

If you get out and fish the front, let us all know how you did.  I'd personally enjoy hearing about your fishing results whatever they are, and I know everyone else reading this will too.


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